Country Kitchen Cookware in 2023 – Experts Reviews

Cooking delicious, hearty meals for family and friends is one of life’s greatest pleasures. And there’s no place more welcoming and cozy for whipping up favorite recipes than the charming, rustic-chic style of a country kitchen.

With exposed wood beams, vintage-inspired sinks and fixtures, and plenty of distressed wood and iron accents, the country kitchen evokes nostalgic farmhouse living. It’s a hugely popular kitchen decor style that creates a warm, livable aesthetic loved by many.

Having the right cookware to match this timeless style is essential. Not only should your pots, pans and bakeware coordinate beautifully with your country-inspired space, they need to perform well for all kinds of cooking tasks.

So how do you choose the perfect country kitchen cookware? What are the top materials and brands for achieving that well-loved vintage look while still being totally functional in 2023?

This extensive guide will cover everything you need to know. You’ll discover:

  • What defines cookware as “country kitchen style”
  • The most popular materials used, like cast iron and enameled ceramics
  • Factors to consider when shopping for the ideal cookware
  • The top-rated country kitchen cookware brands of 2023
  • Product recommendations from experts and enthusiastic buyers
  • Care and maintenance tips to make your cookware last

Follow along for plenty of tips, insights and specific product picks to help you create a country kitchen outfitted with beautiful, hardworking cookware you’ll love using for years to come. Happy cooking!

What Makes Cookware “Country Kitchen” Style?

When you picture classic country kitchen cookware, what comes to mind? Chances are you envision:

  • Vintage style: Weathered speckled enamel, hammered finishes, exposed cast iron. A well-loved heirloom appeal.
  • Natural materials: Cast iron, stoneware, ceramic and terracotta clay. Materials that have been used for generations.
  • Earth tone colors: Creams, blacks, burnt oranges and deep reds. Neutrals and fire tones inspired by nature.
  • Farmhouse style features: Pour spouts on pots, lid lifters, hanging loops or holes in handles for hanging overhead. Functional designs.
  • Nostalgic branding: Company names and packaging that evoke old world European craftsmanship, cottage kitchens, and family recipes passed down through generations.

Beyond looks, high quality country kitchen cookware should be durable, distribute heat evenly, retain heat well, and provide superior cooking performance for frying, searing, braising, baking, simmering and more.

Next let’s look at the most popular materials used to create the vintage charm and cooking functionality desirable in country kitchen cookware.

Most Popular Materials for Country Kitchen Cookware

1. Cast Iron

Cast iron has been used for cookware for centuries. And for good reason – it’s extremely durable, distributes heat evenly, and develops a natural non-stick coating over time called a patina. The more you use cast iron, the better the cooking surface becomes.

Uncoated cast iron must be seasoned to prevent rusting. While heavy, cast iron cookware is unmatched for searing, frying, roasting, and baking tasks. Top brands for country kitchen style include Lodge and Stargazer.

2. Enameled Cast Iron

Enameled cast iron provides the heating benefits of cast iron but with a glossy enameled coating to prevent rust and create a bright, colorful exterior. Enameled interiors won’t develop the natural patina of bare cast iron, but make the cookware easy to clean.

Premium French brands Le Creuset and Staub are famous for their enameled cast iron Dutch ovens and cocottes in a range of dynamic hues.

3. Stoneware

Stoneware is a dense pottery made from natural clay fired at extremely high temperatures to create a strong, non-porous ceramic. It’s naturally sturdy and holds heat very evenly.

Brands like Emile Henry from France excel at crafting stylish stoneware cooking vessels in glossy hues like cherry red and pumpkin orange.

4. Stainless Steel

With its sleek, silvery shine, stainless steel cookware provides a more modern look in country kitchens. It’s non-reactive, durable, and resistant to rust and corrosion. Stainless steel is also oven safe at higher temperatures.

Downsides are that it can easily discolor, warp, or develop hot spots without proper construction. Look for top brands like All-Clad and Cuisinart with clad layers of aluminum or copper for the best heat distribution.

5. Copper

Nothing provides more beautiful, luxe country style than shiny copper pots hanging over a kitchen island. Copper heats quickly and evenly. But it requires special cleaning and polishing to maintain its bright beauty.

Most copper cookware has a stainless steel interior cooking surface. Mauviel and Lagostina are notable copper cookware brands.

6. Carbon Steel

Similar to cast iron but much lighter in weight, carbon steel also develops a natural non-stick patina over time. It’s excellent for high heat searing and sautéing. Look for brands like de Buyer and Solidteknics.

Now that you know the most common country kitchen cookware materials, let’s discuss what features to consider when shopping.

Factors to Consider When Choosing Cookware

With so many options available, it helps to know what aspects are most important for your needs:

  • How you’ll use it: Will this pot or pan be used primarily for frying, searing, boiling, simmering, baking casseroles? Purchase cookware suited for the cooking you do most.
  • Number of pieces/capacity: How many people will you cook for? Choose the right capacities for single-serve breakfast skillets up to big one-pot family meals.
  • Cooktop compatibility: Ensure pots and pans work on your stove type – induction, gas, electric, ceramic, etc. Not all materials are compatible with induction for example.
  • Oven-safe: Will you need to start dishes on the stove and finish in the oven? Not all cookware handles or materials can withstand oven temps.
  • Easy to clean: Does the surface require seasoning and care like cast iron? Or is it non-stick and dishwasher safe? How much maintenance are you willing to do?
  • Weight: Heavier cast iron and enameled cookware retain heat beautifully but are clunky to handle when full. Choosing lighter materials can make cooking and cleanup easier.
  • Style considerations: What color palette fits your kitchen? Do you prefer bright pops of color or neutral earth tones? Sleek stainless or rough-hewn cast iron?
  • Budget: Country kitchen style cookware is available at very affordable prices up to serious luxury investments. Set a budget that fits your means.
  • Origin: Is something handcrafted in France important? Or are you fine with mass-produced in China? Country of origin can greatly affect cost.

Once you determine your must-have priorities, you’ll be ready to zero in on the perfect options. Next we’ll cover some of the best country kitchen cookware brands to know.

The Best Country Kitchen Cookware Brands of 2023

Here is an overview of notable brands creating high quality country style cookware that not only looks charming, but performs beautifully meal after meal.

1. Le Creuset

This iconic French brand has been beloved by home cooks for nearly 100 years for their premium enameled cast iron cookware. Their Dutch ovens in particular come in a rainbow of vibrant colors that lend festive Provence style to any country kitchen.

  • Notable Features: Superior heat retention and distribution thanks to sand-cast iron interior; durable enamel won’t chip, crack or fade over time; composite phenolic lid knobs won’t melt under high oven temps.
  • Product Lines: Best known for their Signature round Dutch oven available in many sizes and colors. Also enameled stoneware bakeware, stainless steel stockpots and skillets, accessories.
  • Pros: Heirloom-quality pieces that make cooking and serving dishes an event; versatile for braising, baking, roasting; easy clean up.
  • Cons: Very heavy, especially when full; light enamel interior can stain over time.
  • Price Range: $100 to $400+ depending on size
  • Top Country Kitchen Pick: Le Creuset 5.5qt Signature Round Dutch Oven

2. Lodge Cast Iron

This major American cast iron brand has been family-owned and operated since 1896. Lodge provides high quality heirloom cast iron pieces at budget-friendly prices. Their collection of vintage Americana style offers plenty of options for country kitchens.

  • Notable Features: Made entirely in the USA; pre-seasoned with soy-based vegetable oil at factory; silicone grip handles are heat resistant up to 500°F.
  • Product Lines: A huge range of skillets, pans, griddles, Dutch ovens, bakeware, accessories. Available in classic black along with some colors like red, blue and white.
  • Pros: Provides superior searing, frying, baking for less money; gets better over time with seasoning; wide product selection.
  • Cons: Rough cooking surface requires more seasoning maintenance; very heavy.
  • Price Range: $15 to $100+
  • Top Country Kitchen Pick: Lodge 10.25in Cast Iron Skillet

3. Staub

This French brand opened in 1974 and specializes in enameled cast iron, ceramic, and open stock stoneware. Their cast iron with black matte enamel interiors inspired by French country kitchens are signature pieces.

  • Notable Features: Tight-fitting lids contain moisture and flavor; black matte enamel won’t stain or require seasoning; smooth interior requires less oil; oven safe to 500°F.

    Product Lines: A variety of cocottes, stock pots, fry pans, braisers, grill pans, roasting pans, teapots made of cast iron or stoneware.

    Pros: Unmatched heat distribution and moisture retention; minimal sticking or staining.

    Cons: Very heavy, especially when full; expensive but lower cost than other French brands.

    Price Range: $100 to $500+ depending on capacity.

    Top Country Kitchen Pick: Staub 4qt Round Cocotte

4. Emile Henry

This French cookware company has been in business since 1850. They use proprietary Burgundy clay to create stunning ceramic pieces that can go from freezer to oven to table. Their vibrant colors and innovative shapes add modern flair to country kitchens.

  • Notable Features: Ceramic retains heat exceptionally well and won’t scratch; glazes are lead-free; designed not to crack with thermal shock; natural clay releases steam for moisture retention.
  • Product Lines: Braisers, roasters, tagines, Proof bread cloches, pie dishes, flame top casseroles, pizza stones all available in array of colors.
  • Pros: Naturally non-stick; oven, broiler, freezer, and dishwasher safe; possess charm of French handcrafted pottery.
  • Cons: Avoid extreme hot/cold changes; heavy to handle when full.
  • Price Range: $50 to $200
  • Top Country Kitchen Pick: Emile Henry 9in Flame Ceramic Braiser

5. Finex

This American brand was founded in 2012 to create modern heirloom cookware merging old world and contemporary styling. Their signature octagonal-shaped cast iron skillets made in the USA offer superior performance and understated rustic elegance perfect for country kitchens.

  • Notable Features: Smooth polished cast iron cooking surface; helper handles for easier lifting; patented stainless steel speed cooling spring handles.
  • Product Lines: Cast iron skillets and grill pans ranging from 8 to 12 inches; available in a range of understated colors like gradient gray and matte charcoal.
  • Pros: Excellent heat retention and searing capability; polished interior creates natural non-stick patina over time; lightweight for cast iron; lid converts to shallow skillet.
  • Cons: Requires seasoning like traditional cast iron; very expensive.
  • Price Range: $150 to $300
  • Top Country Kitchen Pick: Finex 10in Cast Iron Skillet

Pros and cons of country kitchen cookware

Cast Iron


  • Extremely durable – can last for generations with proper care
  • Heats evenly and retains heat very well for consistent cooking
  • Great for searing, frying, baking, roasting, braising
  • Develops natural non-stick patina over time with seasoning
  • Provides iron to foods cooked in it
  • Typically affordable, especially Lodge brand
  • Vintage pieces have charm and history


  • Very heavy, especially when filled with food
  • Must be seasoned properly to prevent rusting
  • Not dishwasher safe, requires handwashing and re-oiling
  • Not suitable for acidic foods like tomatoes that can react with iron
  • Not enamel coated, so exterior will rust without care
  • Rough surface requires more oil/fat for cooking than smooth pans
  • Can leach metallic taste if not properly seasoned
  • Challenging for some cooks to handle and maintain

Enameled Cast Iron


  • Cast iron heating properties with enameled convenience
  • Bright, durable enameled exterior in various colors
  • Easy to monitor browning and food while cooking
  • Resistant to staining, chipping and rust
  • Can be washed in dishwasher unlike bare cast iron
  • Great for slow braises, roasts and casseroles
  • Displays beautifully on tables when serving


  • Very heavy, especially when full
  • Enamel interior won’t develop natural seasoning
  • Prone to cracking or chipping from drops/bangs
  • Handwashing still recommended to preserve enamel
  • Can gradually dull exterior enamel over time with use
  • Very expensive, especially iconic brands like Le Creuset



  • Made from natural clay that provides even heating
  • Glazed exterior resists staining and is easy to clean
  • Attractive colors and artisanal style options
  • Lighter weight than many other materials
  • Naturally non-stick once seasoned properly
  • Durable if not subjected to thermal shocks


  • Must be seasoned appropriately before use
  • Not metal utensil safe – can scratch surfaces
  • Prone to cracking if subjected to rapid temp changes
  • Chips and scratches over time with regular use
  • Handwash only, not dishwasher safe
  • Limited style options compared to enameled cast iron

Alternatives to Typical Country Kitchen Cookware

While cast iron, ceramic, and enameled cookware reign supreme for country style, some modern options can also work beautifully:

  • Carbon steel like de Buyer Mineral B or Solidteknics offer the patina-building properties of cast iron in a lighter, thinner material more responsive to temperature changes. Their sleek black sheen gives a more contemporary look.
  • Modern enameled brands like Our Place and Great Jones feature on-trend colors like sage green and warm yellow with smooth, minimalist designs.
  • Vintage finds unearthed at flea markets, antique shops, or secondhand stores have built-in charm. Or check eBay and Etsy for old Griswold or Wagner cast iron cookware.
  • Hammered finish stainless steel provides a handcrafted look at a lower price point. Brands like Paderno offer polishing and hammering in finishes like copper or brass.
  • Multi-ply stainless steel from All-Clad, Cuisinart, Calphalon, etc. is lower maintenance than typical country materials but offers dishwasher safe convenience and durability. Great for stock pots, sauté pans, and skillets.
  • Copper cookware, while expensive and high maintenance, undoubtedly provides a lustrous, Old-World country kitchen look.

The options go well beyond traditional earthen hues and materials while still complementing a cozy country kitchen.

Top Rated Country Kitchen Cookware Pieces

When researching your country kitchen cookware options, it helps to see which specific pieces consistently earn rave reviews from both experts and enthusiastic home cooks.

Here are some of the highest rated country style cookware products available in 2023 based on in-depth tester reviews and buyer feedback:

Le Creuset Signature Round Dutch Oven

America’s Test Kitchen spent over 70 hours testing to determine their top pick for best Dutch oven was the Le Creuset 5.5qt Round Signature model.

It earns top scores for heating evenly, retaining heat with tight-fitting lid, and versatile shape for cooking anything from braised meats to soups and stews. Reviewers adore the decorative colors and heirloom quality.

On Amazon, this line boasts a 4.5 out of 5 star average across thousands of reviews. Owners say it’s worth every penny for even cooking, easy cleanup and family-heirloom longevity.

Lodge 10.25in Cast Iron Skillet

Lodge’s seasoned cast iron skillets earn rave reviews for providing the traditional benefits of cast iron cooking at an affordable cost. America’s Test Kitchen recommends the 10.25 inch skillet as their budget pick.

Wirecutter also names it the best cast iron skillet under $40 to replace old pans or buy your first. It earns a 4.7 out of 5 star average across 15,000+ Amazon reviews.

Finex 10in Octagonal Cast Iron Skillet

If you love traditional cast iron’s heat retention but want a modern heirloom design, Finex’s cast iron with signature octagonal shape and smooth polished interior offers the best of both worlds.

Serious Eats calls the Finex 10 inch their favorite cast iron skillet. The eight angled sides provide an easy grip, the stainless steel speed cooler handles stay relatively cool, and the superior searing capability meets delicious country cooking needs.

Emile Henry 9in Flame Ceramic Braiser

Saveur names the Emile Henry ceramic Flame braisers their favorite “workhorse dishes we reach for weekly, if not daily” thanks to even heat distribution and color choices that brighten up kitchens.

The 9 inch braiser fits standard French oven racks and lets home cooks gently simmer or roast meats and veggies to perfection. It earns a 4.7 star average on Amazon based on its versatile functionality and striking looks.

Staub 4qt Round Cocotte

The Spruce Eats cooking experts recommend Staub cast iron pots above all others, calling their 4qt round cocotte the perfect size for everyday cooking needs like braising and stewing.

The tight lid locks in moisture and flavor on the enameled interior to achieve delicious results every time. Users love Staub’s smooth matte black interior that doesn’t require seasoning like regular cast iron.

Tips for Caring for Your Country Kitchen Cookware

Quality cookware should last for many years (even decades!) with proper care. Here are top tips for maintaining your country kitchen pots, pans and bakeware:

  • Allow cast iron and carbon steel to completely air dry after washing to prevent rusting. Don’t let it sit wet.
  • Avoid soap on seasoned cast iron/carbon steel – use coarse salt or baking soda to scrub, then re-oil.
  • Re-season bare cast iron or carbon steel regularly by coating with a thin layer of oil and heating in a low oven for an hour. Repeat to build up patina.
  • Don’t let ceramic, enameled or stainless steel cookware boil dry as this can crack or warp the pan.
  • Use soft sponges or cloths to clean – no abrasive scouring pads that could remove seasoning or scratch surfaces.
  • Simmering water inside stuck-on pans for 10 minutes helps loosen baked-on food that can be wiped away after soaking.
  • Avoid putting very hot pans under cold water – allow them to cool first to prevent cracking from thermal shocks.
  • Gentle Bar Keeper’s Friend cleanser removes stains from enameled and stainless steel surfaces.
  • Store cookware with linen or parchment rounds between pieces to prevent chipping and scratches.


With its vintage charm and welcoming aesthetic, the country kitchen style continues to be hugely popular for creating a cozy, livable home.

Having the right cookware is essential to both match the look and perform well for daily cooking needs. By choosing options in classic country materials like cast iron, enameled ceramics, and hammered steel, you can achieve the perfect balance of style and utility.

This guide covers all the key factors, from identifying your must-have features, to learning about top-rated brands like Le Creuset, Lodge, and Staub, to specific product recommendations from experts. Keep it handy as you outfit your country kitchen with pots, pans and bakeware you’ll reach for every day.

The options provide an array of prices to fit any budget. And with proper care like avoiding harsh scrubbing and allowing cast iron to fully dry, your country kitchen cookware should serve you faithfully for many years.

As you build your collection, feel free to refer back to this guide anytime questions arise. And please share your favorites from your own country kitchen in the comments below! Happy cooking in your cozy countryside oasis.

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