Pink Diamond Cookware Reviews: Worth Buy In 2023?

Pink diamond cookware has become increasingly popular in recent years for its beautiful design and claimed health benefits. This type of cookware features a diamond-infused pink coating that is said to be ultra non-stick and free of harmful chemicals.

In this comprehensive guide, we will cover everything you need to know about pink diamond cookware, including:

  • What is pink diamond cookware?
  • The history and manufacturing process
  • Key features and health benefits
  • Pros and cons compared to other cookware
  • Reviews and opinions from real customers
  • Our top picks for the best pink diamond cookware sets and pans
  • Top-rated alternatives for pink cookware

Whether you’re looking to upgrade your cookware or want to see if pink diamond is right for your kitchen, this guide has all the details to help you decide. Let’s dive in!

What is Pink Diamond Cookware?

Pink diamond cookware refers to pots and pans that have a unique pink, diamond-infused non-stick coating. This type of cookware first emerged in the early 2010s with brands like BulbHead’s Red Copper and Gotham Steel touting a revolutionary non-stick cooking surface.

The pink diamond coating is created through a process of crushing real diamonds into a fine powder and infusing it onto the pan’s surface. This gives the pans a distinct pink or reddish shimmering appearance. The diamond powder is advertised to create a super slippery, ultra durable cooking surface that allows food to slide right off.

In addition to the non-stick layer, most pink diamond cookware has a ceramic-titanium base for even heating. The pan sets are designed to be lightweight yet durable for everyday cooking demands. Many brands offer eye-catching colors like pink, red, purple, blue, and black.

Overall, the main draw of pink diamond cookware is the advertised extreme non-stick ability combined with an attractive coloring and design.

The History and Manufacturing Process

Pink diamond cookware first made its debut in 2011 when BulbHead launched the original Red Copper pan line. The infomercials and branding claimed that crushing real diamonds created an indestructible non-stick cooking surface.

The unique manufacturing process behind the diamond coating gained consumer interest. While traditional non-stick pans used chemical coatings like PFOA-based Teflon, Red Copper claimed their diamond-infused pans provided superior food release without hazardous chemicals.

Following Red Copper’s success, more brands jumped into pink diamond cookware throughout the 2010s. Gotham Steel and Rockline Pan were early adopters also using crushed diamond particles in their non-stick coatings. Over time, the category expanded to include blue diamond, purple diamond, and other colorful collections.

To create the signature coating, fragments of real diamonds are finely crushed and combined into a liquid solution. Through a process called vapor disposition, this diamond-infused liquid is applied onto the pan’s surface and bonded at a molecular level. It hardens into an ultra smooth, durable layer.

The diamond powder is measured in microns, with some brands claiming to use a grading as low as 2-4 microns for maximum smoothness and non-stick ability. This diamond-based coating allows the pans to withstand up to 850°F of heat. It’s also advertised as extremely scratch resistant for use with metal cooking utensils.

Features and Benefits

So what sets pink diamond cookware apart from traditional pots and pans? Here are the key features and benefits that manufacturers promote:

Non-Stick Ability

The diamond-infused coating is designed to provide exceptional non-stick performance. Food slides right off the pans without the need for oil or butter, allowing for low-fat cooking. The slick surface makes cooking delicate foods like eggs easy and cleanup a breeze. The non-stick quality is said to last much longer than typical Teflon-style pans.

Quick, Even Heating

The combination of the diamond coating and aluminum or titanium base allows for fast, even heat distribution. This means no annoying hot spots or burning. Pink diamond pans can heat up rapidly so you can start cooking sooner.

Metal Utensil Safe

Thanks to the diamond coating’s strength and scratch resistance, these pans are safe to use with metal cooking utensils. You don’t have to worry about damaging the surface like traditional non-stick.

Easy Cleanup

Food doesn’t stick or leave residue behind on a pink diamond pan, so cleanup is a breeze. The non-stick function means you can wipe away messes with little effort and no need to scrub.

Oven Safe

Most pink diamond pans are oven safe to high temperatures ranging from 400°F up to 500°F. The durable coating won’t deteriorate or leach chemicals when exposed to baking heats.

Dishwasher Safe

For easy cleaning, pink diamond cookware is generally dishwasher safe as well. The non-stick surface can handle high-temperature detergents without losing its effectiveness.

No Chemical Coating

Unlike traditional Teflon, the diamond-infused layer does not contain PFOA chemicals that could potentially leach into food at high heats. This provides peace of mind that you’re not ingesting anything harmful.

Stylish Designs

In addition to cooking benefits, pink diamond pans come in a range of trendy colors like pink, red, blue, purple, and more. The shiny, eye-catching finishes brighten up any stovetop.

Lightweight Construction

While extremely durable, most pink diamond pans are designed to be lightweight for comfortable cooking and easy maneuverability. Sets are not overly heavy to handle.

Those are the main features and advantages that make this cookware stand out from the crowd. But there are also some potential downsides to be aware of.

Pros and Cons of Pink Diamond Cookware


  • Extremely non-stick surface
  • Allows for low-fat cooking
  • Quick, even heating
  • Durable and scratch resistant
  • Metal utensil safe
  • Easy cleanup
  • Oven safe up to 500°F
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Free of PFOA/chemical coatings
  • Trendy color options like pink, red, or purple
  • Lightweight construction


  • Expensive upfront cost
  • Not compatible with induction cooktops
  • Heavy weight for some users
  • Prone to warping at very high temps
  • Mixed reviews on longevity of non-stick ability
  • Limited lifetime warranty
  • Limited color selections
  • Not ideal for high heat searing

The slick cooking surface and eye-catching colors make pink diamond pans a tempting choice. But the pricing, weight, and durability concerns lead to some downsides for shoppers to consider.

Customer Reviews and Opinions

To better understand the real-world performance of pink diamond cookware, we looked at reviews and feedback from customers who bought these pans:

The majority of users praise the initial non-stick properties of pink diamond pans. They report food sliding around effortlessly, allowing for cooking with very minimal oil or butter needed. Eggs and fish seem to be the biggest hit, as the delicate foods slide right off onto the plate.

Many also say the pans provide very even, quick heating. There are no annoying hot spots to burn food, so the heat distribution gets high marks.

In terms of cleanup, customers agree the pans wipe clean very easily. Food residue doesn’t stick around, and any messes require little effort to scrub off.

However, there are some complaints around the durability of the non-stick coating over time. Some users experienced the pans losing their slipperiness within 3-6 months of daily cooking. Others report the coating wearing off unevenly, leaving certain spots more prone to sticking.

The weight is another common complaint in reviews. Many users describe the pans as extremely heavy and cumbersome to maneuver, especially when empty.

There are also reports of warping and distortion when the pans are exposed to temperatures above 500°F in the oven. While branded as oven safe, they may not hold up to extreme heating.

Overall, most customer reviews agree the diamond coating does offer easy cleanup and a beautiful look straight out of the box. But the non-stick performance seems to fade more rapidly than expected. Proper care is required to get the longest life from pink diamond cookware.

The 5 Best Pink Diamond Cookware Sets

Based on features, performance, and customer reviews, here are our picks for the top 5 best pink diamond cookware sets:

1. Carote 10-Piece Nonstick Cookware Set

The Carote 10-piece set comes with all the essential pans and pots to equip your kitchen. It includes 8″ and 10″ frying pans, 1.5qt and 3qt saucepans with lids, a 4.5qt casserole pan, and a 5qt stockpot.

The lightweight aluminum body ensures quick, even heating. Each piece has a diamond-infused pink ceramic coating that provides excellent food release for low-fat cooking. The soft-touch handles keep cool while also offering a comfortable grip.

Matching tempered glass lids seal in heat, moisture, and nutrients. This quality set is oven safe to 350°F and comes in fun color options like pink, purple, blue, black, and grey to brighten any kitchen.

2. BulbHead Red Copper 10PC Copper Infused Pans

This classic Red Copper set includes 8″ and 10″ open fry pans, 1qt and 2qt saucepans with lids, a 5qt casserole pan with lid, and an aluminum steamer insert.

The heavy-gauge copper body and copper-infused diamond coating offer rapid heating and unbeatable food release. Each piece has riveted handles for a secure grip, and the vented tempered glass lids maintain visibility.

Oven safe up to 500°F, this Red Copper collection can endure high heat cooking. Durable construction and materials make this set a worthwhile investment for lifelong cooking.

3. Gotham Steel 20 Piece Kitchen Set

Gotham Steel’s expansive 20-piece set comes with everything needed to stock the kitchen. It includes 8″, 10″ and 12″ fry pans, 1.5qt and 2.5qt saucepans with lids, a 4.5qt casserole dish, 2qt and 5qt stockpots, a steamer basket, 4 baking pans, and 3 kitchen utensils.

The durable titanium-ceramic coated pans provide excellent food release and quick cleanup. It’s metal utensil safe with tempered glass lids to see inside. An affordable diamond-coated set for the entire kitchen.

4. Elite Platinum 10 Piece Cookware Set

Elite Platinum’s 10-piece set includes 8″ and 10″ fry pans, 1.5qt and 3qt saucepans with lids, a 4qt sauté pan with lid, and a 5qt stockpot with lid.

The hard-anodized aluminum body ensures fast, even heating across each pan. A premium diamond-infused coating provides a super slick nonstick surface.

Each handle has a quilted stainless steel accent while the vented glass lids seal in moisture. Available in colors like laguna blue, this oven safe set delivers performance and style.

5. T-fal Ultimate Hard Anodized Nonstick Pans

T-fal’s Ultimate Hard Anodized set comes with 8″ and 10″ fry pans along with 3qt and 5qt saucepans with vented lids.

Each pan has a hard anodized aluminum body for excellent conductivity and durability. Their diamond-reinforced nonstick coating allows for easy food release when cooking.

The silicone handles offer a comfortable grip and stay cool during use. Safe for the oven or broiler up to 550°F, this high quality set includes limited lifetime warranties.

Top 5 Pink Diamond Frying Pans

In addition to full sets, pink diamond pans are available individually for replacing old cookware or adding new pieces. Here are our top frying pan picks:

1. Carote 8″ Nonstick Frying Pan

The Carote 8″ nonstick frying pan features a lightweight aluminum body coated in a pink diamond and marble interior for superior food release. The slick marble and diamond infusion allows you to cook with little to no oil while preventing food from sticking.

The stay-cool bakelite handle provides a comfortable grip and makes maneuvering the pan effortless. This 8” size is perfect for cooking eggs, pancakes, or searing small portions of meat. It comes in fun color options like vibrant pink, red, blue, and grey.

Best of all, it’s oven safe up to 392°F so you can start stovetop cooking then finish dishes in the oven. The Carote diamond pan delivers nonstick versatility.

2. BulbHead Red Copper 10” Copper Pan

This 10” pan from the original Red Copper brand offers their signature copper-infused diamond coating for unbeatable food release. The heavy-gauge copper construction provides excellent heat conductivity while the thick aluminum disc base prevents hot spots.

The sturdy riveted handle is securely attached for confident maneuvering and control while cooking. It’s oven safe up to 500°F to handle high heat for finishing steaks, chops, burgers and more.

Overall, the BulbHead Red Copper pan combines the coveted diamond coating with durable copper materials that can endure years of cooking and oven use. A quality diamond pan option.

3. Gotham Steel 9.5” Frying Pan

Gotham Steel uses a titanium and ceramic coating to deliver nonstick cooking performance. This lightweight 9.5” frying pan has an aluminum body with a stainless steel base for fast, even heating.

The riveted handle ensures a tight grip, and the attached helper handle makes moving the pan simple. Food slides right off the titanium-ceramic surface, especially with a little oil or butter.

An excellent diamond pan for frying eggs, searing boneless meats, whipping up pancakes, and more – all with hassle-free cleanup after.

4. Cuisinel 8” Nonstick Skillet

This 8” nonstick skillet from Cuisinel features a textured diamond coating for excellent food release and effortless cleaning. The diamond-infused pan has an aluminum body to keep the weight down while conducting heat quickly.

The attached handle has a hanging hole for convenient storage, and it comes in a range of colors including mint, pink, grey, black, and blue. This lightweight nonstick skillet allows you to cook healthy meals without oil or butter.

An affordable diamond pan option that’s perfect for dorm rooms, smaller kitchens, or RV cooking.

5. Cooksmark 10” Nonstick Frying Pan

With its pink diamond dual coating, this Cooksmark frying pan provides a super slick cooking surface that food won’t stick to. The heavy gauge aluminum base ensures even heating across the 10” pan surface.

The soft-touch handle remains cool while cooking and provides a comfortable grip. Plus, it’s induction compatible to work on all stovetops.

The Cooksmark 10” diamond pan allows for low-fat cooking with little to no oil needed. An eye-catching pink cooking option.

Top Alternatives to Pink Diamond Cookware

While the diamond coating delivers bold style and initial non-stick power, it may not be the right fit for all cooking needs. Here are some top alternatives:

1. Stainless Steel

Heavier stainless steel pans from brands like All-Clad, Cuisinart, and Calphalon offer excellent durability and heat distribution without relying on a non-stick coating. Great for searing and browning.

2. Ceramic

Ceramic cookware from GreenPan, Carote, and T-fal provides a natural non-stick cooking surface that’s safe and durable.Metal handles dissipate heat for easy handling.

3. Titanium

Titanium is a naturally non-stick metal that makes for an extremely durable cooking surface. Brands like All-Clad, Cuisinart, and Nuwave offer titanium cookware.

4. Enameled Cast Iron

For braising, enameled cast iron pots from brands like Le Creuset, Staub, and Lodge evenly cook soups and stews without sticking. Pretty colors available.

5. Carbon Steel

Carbon steel pans from de Buyer, Solidteknics, and Lodge offer a smooth cooking surface. Lighter than cast iron but still sturdy.

6. Copper

Copper pans conduct heat rapidly and evenly for optimal cooking control. Mauviel, Matfer Bourgeat, and Demeyere are luxury brands.

Is Pink Diamond Cookware Right for You?

So should you upgrade your pots and pans to pink diamond? Here are some final pros and cons to help decide if it’s the right choice:


  • Extreme non-stick ability when new
  • Visually appealing stylish design
  • Fast, even heating from diamond coating
  • Can use metal utensils without worry
  • Easy cleanup from little to no food sticking


  • Very expensive, especially for full sets
  • Heavy and bulky for some users
  • Mixed durability results long-term
  • Prone to warping at very high temps
  • Non-stick fades over time
  • Not induction compatible

The non-stick performance right out of the box can’t be beaten. And the pretty colors provide a modern stylish look. But the pricing is very high for possibly limited longevity.

For cooks wanting beautiful, lightweight pans that will last decades, other materials like stainless steel or ceramic may be a wiser investment. But pink diamond cookware can be a fun, functional upgrade for most kitchens when properly cared for.

The ultra smooth cooking surface makes whipping up eggs, pancakes, and fish effortless. Just don’t expect the non-stick to last forever without eventual fading. With proper use and realistic expectations, pink diamond cookware can provide an eye-catching, effective cooking option.

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