Where To Buy Curtis Stone Cookware?

Looking to buy new cookware for your kitchen? If you’re a fan of celebrity chef Curtis Stone, you may be considering purchasing one of his high-quality cookware lines. But with Curtis Stone pots, pans, and other kitchen tools sold through various retailers, it can be tricky to figure out the best places to shop.

This in-depth guide covers where you can buy Curtis Stone cookware online and in stores. We’ll overview the top retailers, online shopping tips, price comparisons, and more to help you get the best deals. Whether you’re looking for a full cookware set, individual frying pans, or just high-quality Curtis Stone kitchen tools, we’ve got you covered on where to shop.

Why Choose Curtis Stone Cookware?

Before jumping into the retailers, let’s look at why you may want to buy Curtis Stone branded cookware in the first place.

As a world-renowned chef, Curtis Stone’s name carries credibility and trust when it comes to kitchen products. He is a regular guest on popular TV cooking shows like Top Chef Masters, Around the World in 80 Plates, and Take Home Chef. This televised expertise translates into strong brand recognition for his Curtis Stone cookware line.

In addition to fame, Curtis Stone’s cookware lives up to its reputation for quality. The pots and pans feature durable, nonstick surfaces made from materials like hard-anodized aluminum and ceramic. This allows for quick, even heating and makes cooking and cleaning a breeze.

The attractive, modern designs also look great on any kitchen counter. Stylish touches like riveted handles and tempered glass lids add elegance. Curtis Stone cookware gives home chefs the same high-performing tools the pros use.

Now that you know the benefits, let’s cover where to start shopping!

Online Retailers for Curtis Stone Cookware

The majority of Curtis Stone cookware sales take place online through major retailers. This includes both boutique chef stores as well as large marketplaces. Here are the best options for buying Curtis Stone pots, pans, and kitchen tools online:

1. HSN

Out of all the retailers, HSN (Home Shopping Network) has the largest and most diverse selection of Curtis Stone cookware available online.

HSN carries virtually all of Curtis Stone’s cookware lines and individual products. For example, you can find full 10 or 12-piece cookware sets with pots, pans, lids, and utensils. Or, you can buy standalone frying pans, sauce pots, bakeware, and more.

In addition to cookware, HSN stocks a wide range of Curtis Stone’s top-rated kitchen tools. This includes knife sets, cutting boards, cooking utensils, and gadgets like meat thermometers. Their expansive inventory makes HSN a prime one-stop shop.

HSN also frequently offers sales, markdowns, and promotions on Curtis Stone items. It’s worth signing up for their email list to receive alerts on the latest deals. HSN has new customer discounts too.

With free shipping on orders over $75 and a lenient return policy, HSN takes the risk out of buying Curtis Stone cookware online.

Tip: Search for “Curtis Stone” on HSN to see their full selection of in-stock cookware, bakeware, and kitchen tools.

2. QVC

QVC is another leading home shopping retailer with an extensive selection of Curtis Stone cookware available to order online.

Like HSN, you can shop full cookware sets here with sauce pans, stock pots, frying pans, and more. QVC also sells individual pieces like oven-safe skillets as well as kitchen tools such as cutting boards, utensils, and gadgets.

While the selection is not as vast as HSN, QVC still carries most of Curtis Stone’s cookware lines. Their daily promotions and sales make QVC a price-competitive option worth checking.

QVC also offers free shipping and free returns, so you can shop Curtis Stone with confidence. Browse their “Curtis Stone” page to see everything currently in stock.

3. Amazon

Online retail giant Amazon has a decent variety of Curtis Stone cookware you can order, primarily through third-party sellers.

For example, Amazon stocks popular Curtis Stone items like the Precision Series Pro 10-piece cookware set and the 12″ precision series frying pan. Keep in mind that not all of Curtis Stone’s product lines are available on Amazon though.

The benefit of Amazon is you can often find discounts, especially if you opt for open box or renewed condition items. Amazon carries limited quantities, so be prepared for products to go out of stock quickly. Some items have free Prime shipping too.

Also be cautious of counterfeits when buying through third-parties. Verify the seller is authorized to ensure you get authentic Curtis Stone cookware. But for good deals on select items, check Amazon first.

4. Walmart

Walmart has a small selection of Curtis Stone cookware available on their website, mostly cookware sets and frying pans.

For example, you can buy the DuraPan 10-piece nonstick cookware set or the Tempered Glass cookware set from Walmart online. They also stock some individual skillets and sauce pots.

Prices and discounts can vary at Walmart, but their everyday low pricing makes them a budget-friendly option if you want to save money on Curtis Stone pots and pans. Just don’t expect the huge selection of a dedicated kitchen retailer.

5. Curtis Stone Website

Chef Curtis Stone’s official website includes a shop where you can buy cookware directly from the source. This is a good option for loyal fans who want the official branded experience.

The Curtis Stone website primarily sells exclusive cookware sets and bundles you won’t find elsewhere. For example, you can buy the Copper Chef cookware set or the Weeknight Dinner Survival Bundle – both Signature Curtis Stone products.

The downside is the website has a much smaller selection compared to large online retailers. And the prices are often full MSRP without discounts. But for truly unique Curtis Stone sets, the official website is worth browsing.

6. Bed Bath & Beyond

Bed Bath & Beyond carries a limited range of Curtis Stone cookware both online and in stores. You’ll find mainly Curtis Stone frying pans and smaller cookware pieces available.

Prices and availability tend to be hit or miss at Bed Bath and Beyond. But if you like shopping in person, you may want to see if your local store has any Curtis Stone stocked. Otherwise, their online selection is quite limited.

7. Sur La Table

High-end kitchen retailer Sur La Table offers a few select Curtis Stone products online and in their stores. Expect to pay premium prices, but you’ll get exceptional service.

Browse their website to see current availability of Curtis Stone cookware pieces. Or visit a store location and speak with their knowledgeable cooking experts for recommendations.

Shopping for Curtis Stone Cookware In Person

In addition to online retailers, you may be able to find Curtis Stone cookware at certain brick-and-mortar stores, depending on your location. Here are some options for where to shop in person:

1. Home Shopping Network Outlet Stores

If you live near one, HSN Outlet stores are a great place to buy discounted Curtis Stone cookware in person. The HSN Outlets sell overstock, open box, and returned products at steep markdowns. You can often save 50-75% off retail prices.

Keep in mind outlet inventory changes rapidly. Call your local store ahead of visiting to check if they have any Curtis Stone pots or pans in stock. But the outlets are absolutely worth a look if you want deals on Curtis Stone.

2. QVC Retail Stores

Similar to the HSN Outlets, QVC also has a handful of retail store locations that sell overstock and returned merchandise. You may be able to find discounted Curtis Stone items here, but call ahead to check availability at your local store.

3. HomeGoods

Discount home retailer HomeGoods receives inventory shipments from major brands, so you may get lucky finding Curtis Stone products here. Cookware is sold at significant discounts, but stock varies. Check back often as inventory changes weekly.

4. Ross

Similar to HomeGoods, Ross Dress for Less carries heavily discounted kitchen and cookware from top brands. It’s not common, but you might find some Curtis Stone pans or utensils. Keep an eye out when browsing.

5. Marshalls

Marshalls has a home section with cookware where you may occasionally see Curtis Stone products for as much as 60% off retail prices. Selections varies.

6. Tuesday Morning

Another discount home store with ever-changing inventory. Tuesday Morning gets surplus stock from big brands, so you could potentially find some Curtis Stone cookware mixed in. Call your local store to check.

Tips for Buying Curtis Stone Cookware

Once you’ve determined the best places to buy Curtis Stone cookware based on your preferences, keep these shopping tips in mind:

  • Compare prices – Prices can vary between retailers, so do some comparisons. Amazon and Walmart generally have the lowest prices.
  • Look for sales and deals – Sign up for retailer email lists to get alerts on Curtis Stone promotions and price drops. Time purchases around big sales holidays.
  • Consider open box or refurbished – You can often save 35-50% buying pre-owned or refurbished Curtis Stone items in “like new” condition.
  • Beware of fakes – Only buy from authorized sellers to avoid counterfeit cookware. Verify before purchasing from 3rd parties.
  • Check for discounts – Retailers will sometimes discount floor models or display items. Ask in stores if they have any marked down Curtis Stone items.
  • Buy bundled sets – You can maximize value by purchasing cookware sets or bundles with multiple Curtis Stone pieces.
  • Use coupons – Check sites like CouponCabin for any active promo codes you can apply at checkout to save extra.
  • Don’t wait on out-of-stocks – If a retailer doesn’t have an item, check back often as inventory can change daily. Sign up for in-stock alerts.

Following these tips and shopping at the right retailers can help you score the best deals on Curtis Stone cookware.

Top-Selling Curtis Stone Cookware Lines

To give you a better idea of what to look for, here are some of Curtis Stone’s most popular cookware lines carried by retailers:

1. DuraPan Nonstick Cookware Sets

The DuraPan line is Curtis Stone’s signature nonstick cookware constructed from hard-anodized aluminum. The durable nonstick coating allows for easy food release and quick cleanup. Sets are available in 10 or 12-piece configurations complete with pots, pans, lids, and utensils.

2. Precision Series Pro Pots and Pans

Also made from hard anodized aluminum, the Precision Series Pro offers maximum heat control and distribution for professional-level cooking. Sets include fry pans, sauce pots, stock pots, steamers and more.

3. Hestan Cookware Sets

This premium cookware line is made in partnership with Hestan, a leader in commercial grade stainless steel. The tri-ply construction and encapsulated base provide superb heating for perfect cooking results. Sets come in both stainless steel and nonstick.

4. Ceramic Nonstick Cookware

For an eco-friendly option, Curtis Stone’s ceramic nonstick line offers similar nonstick performance without chemical coatings. The scratch resistant ceramic holds up impressively well.

5. Copper Cookware

The copper cookware combines the unmatched heat conductivity of copper with the easy cleaning of stainless steel. These high-end sets heat evenly for restaurant-level searing and sauteing.

6. Bamboo Cutting Boards and Utensils

In addition to pots and pans, Curtis Stone sells top-rated cutting boards, knives, and cooking utensils made from beautiful sustainable bamboo. Much kinder on knives than plastic boards.

7. Tempered Glass Cookware

The tempered glass cookware allows you to move smoothly from stovetop to oven while still seeing your food cook. An affordable starter set option.

As you can see, Curtis Stone offers high-performing cookware for every cooking need.

Should You Buy Curtis Stone Cookware?

With numerous places to buy Curtis Stone pots, pans, and kitchen tools, is it worth investing in? Here are some pros and cons:


  • High quality materials and construction
  • Comfortable, ergonomic designs
  • Distinctive stylish aesthetics
  • Latest cooking technologies
  • Even, consistent heating performance
  • User-friendly nonstick surfaces
  • Works on all stove types including induction
  • Oven and broiler safe options available
  • Made to last years with proper care


  • Prices are premium, though discounts help
  • Limited budget-friendly options
  • Not every line is dishwasher safe
  • Nonstick coatings eventually degrade
  • Some specialty pieces harder to find

Overall, Curtis Stone cookware earns its reputation for delivering commercial-grade performance balanced with ease of use. The nonstick sets in particular make cooking simpler for home chefs. With proper care, Curtis Stone pots and pans will serve you reliably for years to come.

Get the Best Deals on Curtis Stone Cookware

While Curtis Stone cookware sits at the higher end price-wise, you can use the tips in this guide to get the best discounts. Buying during sales, finding promotions, checking for open box deals, and price matching can help you save.

Equipping your kitchen with Curtis Stone pots, pans, and tools is a worthwhile investment into reliability, durability, and cooking enjoyment. We hope this overview gives you all the information you need to shop with confidence and find the lowest prices. Happy Curtis Stone cooking!

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