Bertazzoni vs Viking Ranges: Which High-End Range is Best?

Bertazzoni vs Viking Ranges

If you’re remodeling your kitchen or building a new home, investing in a luxury range can make a bold style statement while giving you serious cooking capabilities. But deciding between the top brands isn’t easy.

Bertazzoni and Viking are two of the leading high-end range manufacturers, known for their exceptional performance, quality, and style. But which brand is right for your kitchen?

In this in-depth comparison, we’ll examine all the key factors between Bertazzoni and Viking, including:

  • Build quality and materials
  • Cooking performance
  • Features and technology
  • Aesthetics and design
  • Pricing and value
  • Reviews and ratings
  • And more

By the end of this Bertazzoni vs Viking showdown, you’ll have all the info you need to confidently choose the right luxury range for your needs and budget. Let’s get cooking!

Brief Background on Bertazzoni and Viking

Before we dive into the details, let’s look briefly at each brand’s origins and reputation.


Founded in Italy in 1882, Bertazzoni makes finely-crafted, high-performance cooking ranges inspired by their Italian heritage. Their ranges combine European convection technology with powerful gas burners for quick boiling and simmering.

Bertazzoni is known for their superior craftsmanship and attention to detail in manufacturing. They control the entire process from design to production in Italy. The result is impeccable fit and finish.

Bertazzoni ranges feature solid, high-grade stainless steel construction and the signature clean, minimalist Italian aesthetics. Their dual-stacked sealed gas burners are engineered for even heat distribution and precise temperature control.

In recent years, Bertazzoni has expanded from their European base to become a major player in the North American luxury appliance market.


Based in Greenwood, Mississippi, Viking has been hand-building professional-grade kitchen ranges in America since 1987. Their iconic, commercial-look ranges can be found in home kitchens, yachts, and restaurants around the world.

Viking is known for their ultra-powerful gas ranges featuring brass burners and the patented TruPowerTM convection system. Their heavy-duty construction stands up to the demands of amateur chefs or professionals.

Viking offers their highest quality pro ranges with a choice of 304 or premium 430 grade stainless steel. Their two-stacked, open burner configuration provides serious heat output up to a massive 25,000 BTU.

So in summary, both Bertazzoni and Viking have outstanding reputations for quality and performance among luxury range brands. Now let’s see how they compare across the key decision factors.

Build Quality and Materials

The quality of materials and manufacturing plays a big role in durability and longevity. How do Viking and Bertazzoni compare?


Both brands construct their range bodies from stainless steel for strength, corrosion resistance, and that desirable commercial look.

Viking offers a choice of 16, 18, or 20-gauge 304 stainless steel on their standard residential models. Their pro series ranges step up to a thicker 14-gauge option in either 304 or premium 430 grade.

The thicker 430 stainless has higher corrosion resistance, but the 304 grade used on most models provides excellent durability for the majority of home kitchens.

Bertazzoni manufactures all models from 18-gauge stainless steel in grade 304. While not as thick as Viking’s professional series, it still provides robust construction. Plus, their uni-body design and European manufacturing give Bertazzoni ranges an excellent fit and finish.

When it comes to stainless steel quality, Viking’s pro series gets an edge for their commercial level 14-gauge 430 option. But for most residential settings, Bertazzoni’s 304 stainless construction gives comparable durability and performance at a lower price point.


The burner system is the engine that drives cooking performance. Let’s examine the differences in Viking vs Bertazzoni burners.

Viking’s iconic open burner design exposes the flame for maximum heat transfer directly into your cookware. Their residential ranges use 15,000 BTU brass burners, while pro models have up to 25,000 super BTU commercial-grade burners.

Bertazzoni uses high-power 19,000 BTU sealed gas burners constructed from solid brass with a die-cast aluminum alloy base. Their burner design fully contains the flame below the cooking surface while delivering focused, even heat.

When it comes to raw power, Viking’s pro-series open burners edge out the win. But Bertazzoni’s burners produce more than enough heat and power for most home cooking demands while maintaining safer enclosed combustion.


Grates need to withstand daily usage over an open flame. Here’s how they compare:

Viking uses heavy-duty, dishwasher safe cast iron grates on their open burners. Cast iron retains heat well for consistent cooking temperatures.

Bertazzoni opts for lighter stainless steel grates over their sealed burners. These provide quick heat response. Some higher end Bertazzoni models offer heavier duty cast iron grates as an upgrade option.

For grates, Viking again wins out for their standard commercial grade cast iron. But Bertazzoni’s stainless grates match their sleeker, more delicate aesthetic while still offering great durability.

Oven Construction

Let’s open up the ovens and look at how they’re built.

Viking ovens use welded steel construction to handle high heat. Their commercial grade pro models have extra oven insulation for better heat retention.

Bertazzoni also constructs their oven cavity from stainless steel but takes extra steps to ensure even heat distribution. Their convection fans have a reversed direction for optimal airflow. The baking trays are stainless steel with aluminum cores for excellent conductivity.

When it comes to oven construction, both brands build them ruggedly enough to perform well in demanding residential settings. Viking offers heavier insulation on pro models, but expect excellent heat distribution and even cooking in both brands.

Edge: Viking Wins for Build Quality

While both brands construct high-end, durable ranges, Viking gets a slight edge for their commercial level stainless steel gauge options and robust open burner design on pro models.

But Bertazzoni still provides very solid, high-grade construction – especially for the more affordable pricing.

Now let’s see how cooking performance compares.

Cooking Performance

When investing in a luxury range, you expect serious cooking power and versatility. Here’s how Viking and Bertazzoni ranges deliver:

1. Burner Output

We touched on burner power earlier. Here are the max BTUs each brand offers:

  • Viking: Up to 25,000 BTU on pro series open burners; 15,000 BTU on residential
  • Bertazzoni: 19,000 BTU on all sealed gas burners

In terms of raw maximum heat output, Viking’s commercial level 25,000 BTU pro burners beat out Bertazzoni. But truthfully, anything over 15,000 BTU offers far more than enough power for boiling, searing, and stir frying in a home kitchen.

Both Viking and Bertazzoni ranges provide exceptional power and heat control for professional-level cooking. Unless you need the absolute max BTU output, Bertazzoni has plenty of power.

2. Burner Configurations

While the maximum burner output is similar, there are design differences between the two brands:

Viking uses a classic two-stacked burner configuration on their open burners. This gives you high heat directly under large cookware like stock pots.

Bertazzoni ranges have four sealed burners in a more flexible linear alignment rather than stacked. Their burners can combine to create different sized heating zones.

Bertazzoni’s linear four-burner setup allows greater flexibility to use cookware of all sizes across the range top. Viking’s two-stacked design focuses power for larger pots and pans.

3. Simmering and Low Heat

Delicate simmering requires precise low heat control. Here’s how they compare:

Viking’s open burners can dial down as low as 140°F for a true simmer. Their VariSimmer setting lets you shift between high and low heat while cooking with a simple turn.

Bertazzoni Sealed burners can maintain temperatures as low at 176°F for accurate simmering. Their precision engineering provides exact flame modulation.

Both Viking and Bertazzoni ranges give you industry-leading low heat capabilities for simmering soups and sauces to perfection.

4. Oven Functions

Beyond burners, oven cooking determines versatility. Here are the key functions:

  • Convection modes: Both offer standard, rear, and true European convection for accelerated cooking. Viking uses their TruPower convection system; Bertazzoni has reversing fans.
  • Broilers: Viking pro ranges have either infrared or ceramic infrared broilers. Bertazzoni uses standard electric broilers.
  • Self-cleaning: Both Viking and Bertazzoni ranges offer high-heat self-cleaning.
  • Specialty modes: Bertazzoni has rising, pizza, and Sabbath modes. Viking offers proofing, dehydrate, and plate warming.

Overall, both brands provide every major cooking mode you need, including convection for faster roasting and baking. Viking’s infrared broilers on pro models provide intense heat, but electric broilers still get hot enough for most needs.

It’s a very close match-up when it comes to oven cooking performance. Both Bertazzoni and Viking ovens can handle a wide variety of cooking tasks at a professional level.

Edge: Overall Draw for Cooking Performance

While Viking offers slightly higher max burner power, Bertazzoni ranges still provide ample heat output and control for residential cooking. Their flexible linear burners and excellent oven performance make it an overall draw for cooking capabilities.

Now let’s look at how the technology and extra features compare between these two high-end brands.

Features and Technology

Beyond basic cooking functions, the extra features and technology can enhance functionality. Here are some key comparisons:

1. Convection Systems

As covered earlier, both brands offer conventional and convection oven modes. But there are some technology differences:

  • Viking uses their proprietary TruPower convection system with multiple fans for high-velocity air circulation.
  • Bertazzoni ranges rely on standard convection fans. However, they engineering the fan direction to be reversed, which further optimizes airflow for faster cooking.

While Viking’s TruPower convection provides excellent performance, Bertazzoni’s specially designed standard convection works impressively as well.

2. Broilers

The broiler is important for searing steaks or other dishes. Here are the broiler types:

  • Viking pro ranges have either 18,000 BTU infrared or 24,000 BTU ceramic infrared broilers for intense heat from the top. Their residential models have standard electric broilers.
  • Bertazzoni uses standard electric broilers across all models.

Viking’s infrared broilers on pro models heat up faster and hotter than electric elements. But for most home cooks, standard electric broilers will still get hot enough to sear and melt.

3. WiFi Connectivity

Both brands now offer app control via WiFi in higher end models:

  • Viking: Their Smart oven line has the Viking App for monitoring and controlling your range remotely.
  • Bertazzoni: The Bertazzoni Assistant app can set modes, temperatures, and monitor cooking.

Having WiFi and app connectivity is a handy bonus feature. But it’s not essential – basic models without connectivity still perform all key cooking functions.

4. Warming Drawers

Built-in warming drawers are great for keeping food at serving temperature. Here are the details:

  • Viking offers warming drawers as an option across most of their range lines. Some models have two warming drawers.
  • Bertazzoni Warming drawers are standard on most dual fuel and gas pro-style ranges. Electric single oven models don’t have them.

Again, warming drawers provide added functionality but aren’t mandatory. You can add standalone warming drawers separately as well.

Edge: Viking Offers More Robust Features

Viking wins when it comes to the advanced feature set, thanks to their patented TruPower convection and availability of infrared broilers on pro models.

However, Bertazzoni still provides very competitive features and functionality for most home cooking needs.

Now let’s examine how these luxury range brands compare for visual aesthetics and design.

Aesthetics and Design

Beyond performance, a major reason for investing in a luxury range is the visual look and style it brings to your kitchen. Here are some key design differences between Viking and Bertazzoni:


The overall visual styling of these two brands differs quite a bit:

  • Bertazzoni ranges embody sleek, minimalist Italian design with polished stainless, professional-style knobs, and clean lines. They come across as very high-end but not overbearing.
  • Viking has a more muscular, commercial-look. Their larger knobs and heavier handles add to the bold, professional restaurant kitchen aesthetic. It makes a statement.

In terms of looks, Bertazzoni provides a more refined, luxury aesthetic that blends elegantly into higher end kitchen designs. Viking goes for a more visible, bold pro-style presence.

Color and Finish Options

Beyond standard stainless steel, some added color or finish options exist:

  • Bertazzoni ranges mostly come in stainless steel finishes, but a few colors like matte black are available on some models.
  • Viking offers quite a few color and finish upgrades. Options include black, white, blue, burgundy, and more, along with metal handles. More customization is available.

Viking provides substantially more ways to customize your range’s look and match your kitchen decor if desired.

Hardware and Handles

The hardware finishes also differ between the brands:

  • Bertazzoni uses low-profile bar handles for minimal interruption of the stainless surface.Handle finishes include stainless, brass, and metal.
  • Viking has more prominent, rugged tubular handles. Finishes range from stainless to black and more colors. Pro models have classic commercial-look metal teardrop handles.

Again, it comes down to sleeker and more delicate for Bertazzoni vs bigger and bolder for Viking. Their hardware matches the overall aesthetic.

Size and Configuration

Range configurations and size impact the visual footprint:

  • Bertazzoni ranges come in 30″, 36″, 48″, and 60″ sizes. They focus more on single oven conventional and pro ranges.
  • Viking offers a huge range of sizes from 30″ up to massive 60″ dual oven models. Their lineup includes more commercial-style depth and dual-oven range configurations.

In terms of sizing and configurations, Viking provides many more options for larger, professional look ranges. Bertazzoni focuses more on slimmer, single conventional oven designs.

Edge: Bertazzoni Wins on Looks

For many kitchens aiming for a sleek, refined aesthetic, Bertazzoni provides an upscale Italian look that visually blends in elegantly. Their handle-free stainless surface and slimmer sizes integrate beautifully in modern kitchens.

That said, if you want your range to make a bold visual statement, Viking certainly commands presence. Their massively-sized pro ranges become a serious focal point.

Now that we’ve compared aesthetics, let’s look at the all-important pricing and cost considerations.

Pricing and Value

Bertazzoni and Viking are both positioned in the luxury segment, but there are pricing differences between them:

Base Pricing

Here are the typical starting prices for each brand:

  • Bertazzoni 30″ basic models start around $1,100. Their pro-style ranges go from $4,000 to $9,000.
  • Viking residential ranges start at around $2,500 and go up above $10,000+ for their larger pro dual-fuel models.

Bertazzoni positions as a more affordable luxury option compared to the premium pricing of Viking pro models. But Viking standard residential models overlap with Bertazzoni’s pricing range.

Construction Quality

As covered earlier, you pay more for Viking’s commercial grade stainless steel construction. Bertazzoni delivers excellent quality at a lower price point.

So if top-tier professional build is key, Viking justifies the premium. But Bertazzoni still provides very robust construction quality given the lower costs.

Features and Technology

Viking’s more extensive feature set like infrared broilers and TruPower convection does add more value compared to Bertazzoni’s streamlined offerings and standard convection.

But again, Bertazzoni still provides competitive features and excellent cooking performance for most homes despite the lower prices.

Brand Reputation and Origin

As premium American and Italian brands, Viking and Bertazzoni both justify higher pricing based on reputation and origin.

Between the two, consumers tend to see more extra value in the Made in Italy appeal and heritage of Bertazzoni given their pricing.

Edge: Bertazzoni Provides Better Value

When it comes to overall value for money spent, Bertazzoni ranges earn their reputation by delivering superb quality and cooking for far less than Viking.

That said, serious home chefs may find the extra commercial grade construction and tech features of high-end Viking pro models justifies the steeper pricing.

Now let’s look at real owner experiences of these two brands.

Reviews and Ratings

Looking at actual user reviews gives helpful insight into the ownership experience. Here’s how Bertazzoni and Viking compare:

Overall Ratings

Across major retailers, Bertazzoni and Viking earn similarly positive ratings:

  • Bertazzoni ranges earn around 4 out of 5 stars on average from reviewers. Their products are routinely recommended.
  • Viking earns slightly lower average ratings of 3.5 to 4 stars. But mostly positive sentiment from owners.

For both brands, the majority of reviews indicate happy owners who are impressed with their ranges’ performance and quality. Overall, both score well.

Reliability and Issues

Looking at the negative reviews reveals insights into potential issues:

  • For Bertazzoni, complaints are minor – mainly around customer service and warranty response time rather than product defects.
  • Viking gets more comments about electronics control panel issues or premature part failures, especially on newer models. Their complex features seem more reliability prone.

While all brands have some defects, Bertazzoni ranges appear to avoid major reliability complaints that some Viking owners report.

1. Longevity

The longevity and resale value are other considerations:

  • Bertazzoni owners say their ranges easily last 15+ years with proper care. Made in Italy quality ensures a long lifespan.
  • Viking has more mixed comments on longevity. Some report needing significant repairs after 5-10 years. But their pro models seem to last decades when maintained right.

Again, Bertazzoni edges out Viking a bit when it comes to demonstrated longevity and brand perception, thanks to their focus on quality components.

2. Value Perception

Given their pricing differences, the perceived value differs as well:

  • Bertazzoni receives lots of praise for providing amazing performance and quality for the price paid. Owners feel they got an incredible value.
  • Viking earns more polarizing responses. Some die-hard fans insist the pro models are worth the premium. Others felt letdown by the value.

Given the lower pricing, Bertazzoni clearly exceeds expectations and delivers fantastic bang for the buck in most reviewers’ opinions.

3. Aesthetics Feedback

Comments on style and looks are also telling:

  • Bertazzoni owners gush over the gorgeous Italian styling fitting beautifully in their upscale kitchens. The minimalist look wins widespread praise.
  • Viking gets more divided feedback. Some love the bold pro styling, while others feel the aesthetics don’t match more elegant kitchens well.

For seamless integration into high-end kitchen designs, Bertazzoni seems to be the winner for attractive styling. But personal taste still matters most.

Edge: Slight Victory for Bertazzoni

Based on aggregated user ratings and reviews, Bertazzoni ranges earn a slight edge in overall satisfaction and fewer concerns raised over reliability or value.

But both are clearly well-loved brands by their owners. Taking care of any range helps maximize longevity and satisfaction as well.

Bertazzoni Pros and Cons


  • High-end Italian quality and craftsmanship at lower cost
  • Sleek, elegant aesthetics in minimalist European style
  • Flexible 4-burner cooktop allows use of various pan sizes
  • Excellent low-heat simmering control
  • Powerful 19,000 BTU sealed gas burners
  • Reversing convection fans optimize airflow
  • Rave reviews for performance, quality, and value
  • Robust 304 stainless construction in most models
  • 15+ year lifespan with proper maintenance


  • Lacks Viking’s commercial level open burners
  • No infrared broilers like Viking pro models
  • More limited size options compared to Viking
  • Fewer finish options beyond stainless steel
  • Standard residential warranty only

Viking Pros and Cons


  • Commercial grade construction on pro models
  • Massive 25,000 BTU open burners on pro ranges
  • TruPower convection and infrared broilers
  • More color/finish options like black, white, blue
  • WiFi connectivity and app control
  • Heavy-duty cast iron grates standard
  • High performing reputable brand
  • Huge size range from 30″ to 60″ available
  • Industry leading 101 day test drive trial


  • Very expensive, especially the pro models
  • Large styles don’t fit all kitchen designs
  • Significant reliability issues reported on newer models
  • Electronic control panels prone to problems
  • Standard residential models overlap with Bertazzoni pricing
  • Hit or miss customer service and repairs
  • Mixed reviews on value for the premium cost

Verdict: Which Luxury Range is Better for You?

Now that we’ve compared Viking and Bertazzoni across all the key factors, which brand comes out on top?

Bertazzoni Wins Overall…

For most home kitchens wanting professional-grade performance and gorgeous Italian styling at a reasonable price, Bertazzoni ranges are hard to beat.

You’ll enjoy Bertazzoni’s impeccable quality and cooking capabilities while saving thousands over comparable Viking models. Their flexible four-burner cooktop and reliable technology make cooking a pleasure rather than a chore.

While not as beefy as Viking’s pro series, Bertazzoni still provides durable construction that will hold up beautifully for years with proper maintenance. Plus, their visually sleek and elegant design blends wonderfully into upscale kitchen decors.

For shoppers wanting an affordable luxury range without sacrificing quality or beauty, Bertazzoni delivers incredible value and satisfaction. If your budget allows, they earn their reputation as a top choice.

But Viking Pro Models Lead for Serious Cooks

However, if budget is no object and you demand the absolute best performance, Viking pro ranges justify their premium pricing for discerning home chefs.

Viking’s commercial grade steel construction, thicker gauges, and ultra high-output open burners give true professional capability for intricate cooking techniques. Their dual-fuel models offer more oven configurations as well.

And their TruPower convection and infrared broilers allow you to achieve restaurant-quality results at home. If you’re an avid cook who wants a commercial kitchen workhorse, a Viking pro range could be a dream purchase.

Yes, you pay a steep price. And their heavier pro styling won’t suit all kitchen designs aesthetically. But their unmatched quality and baking technology can’t be denied. For the passionate home chef, it could be money well spent.

The Bottom Line

While Viking leads for no-compromise professional performance, most home cooks will never utilize the full capabilities of their pricey pro models.

For our money, Bertazzoni ranges offer the overall best combination of quality, beauty, performance, and value. Their exceptional Italian craftsmanship paired with approachable pricing make them a standout choice for luxury shoppers.

So consider your budget, cooking frequency, and style preferences carefully. But for most homes wanting an heirloom-quality range with serious cooking chops, Bertazzoni earns its esteemed reputation in this showdown.

Whichever brand you select, taking proper care and maintenance of any professional range will ensure it remains in top form for decades of cooking enjoyment. Both Viking and Bertazzoni ranges will let you create restaurant-worthy meals in your own kitchen when treated right.

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