Bertazzoni vs Thermador Ranges: Which Is Better for Your Kitchen?

Bertazzoni vs Thermador Ranges

If you’re looking to upgrade your kitchen with a luxury range, Bertazzoni and Thermador are two high-end brands likely on your list. But how do you decide between these two pro-style oven and cooktop brands when doing your kitchen remodel?

We compared Bertazzoni and Thermador across a number of factors including quality and performance, features, price, design, and overall value. Read our detailed Bertazzoni vs Thermador comparison below to learn which brand is better for your needs and budget.

Overview of Bertazzoni Ranges

Bertazzoni is an Italian family-owned appliance manufacturer founded in Guastalla, Italy in 1882. They are known for bringing Italian design and manufacturing tradition to kitchen appliances like ranges, ovens, dishwashers, refrigerators and more.

Bertazzoni ranges are designed and mostly manufactured in Emilia-Romagna, Italy using domestic and imported parts. Their pro-style ranges feature solid stainless steel construction and powerful gas burners for professional-level cooking performance. They offer a more affordable luxury option compared to many high-end brands.

Bertazzoni Brand History and Reputation

The Bertazzoni company originated as a family-owned business producing wood-burning stoves in Italy in 1882. They began manufacturing gas ranges in the 1960s and expanded to bring Italian engineering and European style to the American market in the 1990s.

In 2001, Bertazzoni introduced an entire kitchen suite of appliances to the US including ranges, ovens, cooktops, ventilation, refrigeration and dishwashers. They continued to grow in popularity for their Italian-made luxury appliances providing high quality and performance.

Today, Bertazzoni continues to be known for exceptional engineering and innovating new product categories like the first industrial-style free-standing range. Their products have won numerous awards including Red Dot Design Awards for product aesthetics and functionality.

Overall, Bertazzoni is a reputable brand used in many high-end home kitchens and celebrity chef kitchens. They deliver beautiful, restaurant-grade appliances with Italian flair.

Where Are Bertazzoni Ranges Manufactured?

Most Bertazzoni ranges are designed and manufactured at their factory in Guastalla, Italy. Some assembly of burners and internal components uses parts from elsewhere in Europe. According to the company, final assembly for all products occurs in Italy.

Bertazzoni adheres to strict European manufacturing standards to produce safe and durable appliances. Their products meet global certification standards like CE, UL, ADA and more.

The “Made in Italy” manufacturing attracts many buyers who equate Italian heritage with quality. Bertazzoni combines domestic manufacturing with global distribution for an internationally recognized luxury brand.

Overview of Thermador Ranges

Thermador is a luxury American appliance brand owned by BSH Home Appliances Corporation, which also owns brands like Bosch and Gaggenau. Thermador engineers, designs and manufactures their products in the United States.

Thermador has a long history of innovations in the appliance industry. They introduced the first built-in wall oven and gas cooktop back in the 1930s and 40s. Their current pro-style ranges continue this tradition with features like Star Burners, steam-assisted ovens, and connected smart oven controls.

Thermador focuses on delivering bold innovation and culinary inspiration for home chefs. They want to empower people to achieve professional results in their own kitchens. This makes them one of the most premium and expensive range brands on the market.

Thermador History and Brand Reputation

Thermador was founded in 1916 in Los Angeles, California as a manufacturer of water heaters. They introduced their first self-contained oven in the 1930s and continued innovating new categories like cooktops and built-in wall ovens into the 1950s.

In the 1990s and 2000s, Thermador partnered with star chefs like Julia Child to demonstrate their “culinary inspiration” and help home cooks achieve restaurant-quality results. This aligns with their brand promise of empowering home chefs.

Thermador continues to deliver bold innovation and useful smart features for the ultimate cooking performance. They have introduced industry-firsts like a built-in coffee machine and extended freshness refrigeration.

The brand is known for superior quality and customer service. Thermador consistently tops rankings as an elite and highly-recommended luxury appliance brand.

Where Are Thermador Ranges Manufactured?

Thermador engineering and manufacturing takes place at their state-of-the-art factory in New Bern, North Carolina. This domestic manufacturing allows for complete quality control and production supervision.

They use globally-sourced materials and components. But all final assembly and testing occurs at their North Carolina headquarters to ensure optimal performance.

Their US-based manufacturing results in higher costs which translates to luxury price points. But buyers appreciate that “Made in America” heritage as a sign of domestic quality.

Comparing Bertazzoni and Thermador Range Quality and Performance

Luxury brands like Bertazzoni and Thermador must meet very high standards when it comes to product quality, durability and cooking performance. Here is how they compare:

Build Quality

  • Bertazzoni ranges are made with 304-grade stainless steel which is highly resistant to corrosion and rust. The fit and finish is very solid with clean continuous welding lines.
  • Thermador ranges also use commercial-grade 304 stainless steel for maximum durability. Their ranges come across as substantial and built to last, with superior fit and finish.

Both are excellent but Thermador edges out for having a robust luxury feel. Small details like the door hinges and handle spokes display machined metal and tighter tolerances.


  • Bertazzoni gas ranges come with solid brass burners rated from 15,000 BTUs on the low end to up to 19,000 BTUs on the high power burners. Models with 5+ burners have dual ultra-high performance triple ring burners for rapid boiling.
  • Thermador uses their patented “Star Burner” design rated from 15,000 to a massive 22,000 BTUs. The star shape provides superior coverage, more controllable heat, and better simmering ability. They heat up extremely fast.
  • Both have continuous cast iron grates across all burners with Bertazzoni using a flat design while Thermador has tapered grates.

For maximum power and control, Thermador Star Burners beat the Bertazzoni burners. But both deliver outstanding cooktop performance perfect for restaurant-worthy cooking.


  • Bertazzoni ranges come in single, double, or combined oven configurations. The convection ovens use a quick pre-heat element for faster warm-up times. Self-cleaning modes make clean up easy.
  • Thermador offers more oven configuration options including double ovens, double ovens with a warming drawer, steam ovens, and convection steam ovens. Their True Convection system provides exceptionally even heat.
  • Bertazzoni has a convection fan with six baking modes while Thermador offers options like convection broil and convection bake for enhanced cooking modes. Bertazzoni ovens also have adjustable racks while Thermador has meat probes.

The oven performance is comparable but Thermador wins for more versatility and configurations available. Thermador also has superior convection technology resulting in consistent baking results.

Overall Performance

When it comes to overall cooking performance, both Bertazzoni and Thermador deliver professional restaurant-quality results. Both brands implement innovative burner and oven technology for precision control and even heating.

Thermador has an edge when you compare the top model ranges. Their extra powerful 22,000 BTU burners, convection steam ovens and customization options give home chefs ultimate cooking ability worthy of Michelin star restaurants.

But even entry Bertazzoni models provide exceptional power and functionality for most home cooking needs. If you don’t need the max performance, Bertazzoni is hard to beat.

Comparing Features and Configurations

Bertazzoni and Thermador offer similar features suited for demanding home chefs. Here’s how they compare on size options, cooktop and oven configurations and extra functions available:

Available Range Sizes

  • Bertazzoni ranges are available in 30″, 36″, 48″ and 60″ widths. The number of burners ranges from 4 to 6 depending on width.
  • Thermador offers a huge range of widths from 27″ up to 60″ and even 72″ and 96” options for massive restaurant-grade ranges. Burners vary from 4 to 6 for the standard sizes or up to 14 for giant custom models.

Thermador clearly provides more size flexibility especially if you have the space for a 60″+ mega range. But Bertazzoni covers all the typical size needs.

Burner and Cooktop Options

  • The standard Bertazzoni open burners range from 15,000 BTUs for simmering up to 19,000 BTUs for the high-heat triple ring burners. Specialty options include grill, teppanyaki griddle, double wok ring burners.
  • Thermador Star Burners range from 15,000 to 22,00 BTUs. Additional cooktop options include gas, electric, and induction cooktop models for alternate heat sources.

Thermador wins for max burner output and alternate cooktop technologies like induction. But Bertazzoni still provides outstanding power and flexibility with their ultra-high output open burners.

Oven Configurations and Options

  • Bertazzoni offers single, double or combined ovens in convection and non-convection versions. Oven cavity sizes range from 2.1 cu ft to over 5 cu ft.
  • Thermador has every possible oven configuration imaginable from single to double to double ovens with a warming drawer. They offer steam, convection, and convection steam ovens for specialized cooking.

Again, Thermador excels in oven versatility. While Bertazzoni ovens provide beautiful Italian design and function, Thermador simply has far more oven types to handle every cooking need imaginable.

Extra Features and Modes

  • Bertazzoni oven functions include convection baking, convection broiling, turbo setting, pizza mode, dehydration mode, and self-cleaning options.
  • Thermador provides options like convection and convection broil, proofing mode, timed cook settings, meat probes, sabbath modes and more. Their guided cooking options automatically configure the oven settings.

Thermador has more specialized modes and cooking functionality. However, Bertazzoni still provides the core high-heat, broiling and convenction modes you need for basic to advanced cooking.

  • Bertazzoni ranges are available with digital touch interfaces or classic knob controls depending on your preference.
  • Thermador ranges utilize TFT touch screens and proprietary food care apps to access settings, timers, and guided recipes. Their connected ovens can be controlled and monitored remotely via smartphone.

Thermador certainly leads in smart oven control technology while Bertazzoni offers both classic and digital interfaces. It comes down to manual knobs vs digital precision.

Style Options

  • Bertazzoni ranges are available in Professional, Master and Heritage series with full stainless steel, colored finishes or classic styling.
  • Thermador offers three style collections: Contemporary, Professional and Transitional. Colors range from stainless steel to black glass to signature true white finishing.

Bertazzoni provides more vintage Italian charm options while Thermador feels clean and modern with premium fit and finish. Style depends on your kitchen decor and preferences.

Overall in terms of features and configurations, Thermador leads in innovating new oven technologies and overall versatility. But Bertazzoni still delivers outstanding performance and options perfect for most home kitchens.

How Do Bertazzoni and Thermador Ranges Compare on Price?

When shopping high-end appliance brands, price is often a primary factor. Here is how Bertazzoni and Thermador range prices compare:

  • Bertazzoni ranges start around $2,000 for a basic 30″ model and max out around $4,500 for the top-tier options with dual fuel, steam assist, and extra oven configurations.
  • Thermador ranges begin around $7,000 for a entry level 30” and go up over $15,000 for the premium 60”+ models with all the bells and whistles. Custom mega-ranges can cost $25,000+.

Clearly, Thermador commands a premium price, often 2-3 times more than comparable Bertazzoni models. Being a luxury American brand, their products cost significantly more across the board.

You’re paying for the Thermador name and some extra features. But many buyers don’t need the max performance and choose Bertazzoni to get professional quality at lower prices.

Bertazzoni vs Thermador – Which Brand Provides Better Value?

Given the differences in price, which brand gives you more bang for your buck?

For the price conscious buyer, Bertazzoni clearly provides outstanding value for money spent. You can get a pro-style dual fuel range with great power and performance for around $3,000 – half the cost of a similar Thermador.

Yes, Thermador certainly delivers luxury features and top-tier performance. But much of it offers only marginal improvements over Bertazzoni for double the price.

Keep in mind the cost of ownership too – Bertazzoni tend to have less repairs and longer lifespans than many luxury competitors. This adds to the long term value proposition.

We think for most home chefs, Bertazzoni gives you 80% of the features at 50% of the price. That’s hard to beat from a value perspective.

However, for those with unlimited budgets wanting the absolute best cooking performance and prestige, Thermador is unrivaled. Their ranges fully justify the premium prices with restaurant-grade quality.

Bertazzoni Range Pros and Cons


High-Quality Italian Manufacturing

  • Ranges designed and manufactured in Italy for high European standards
  • Durable 304-grade stainless steel construction, brass burners and precision engineering
  • Result is pro-style performance and commercial-grade durability

Powerful and Responsive Burners

  • Open flame burners rated from 15K to 19K BTUs for rapid boiling
  • Precision simmering ability even on the highest output models
  • Triple ring burners provide coverage across any size pan

Beautiful Italian Styling

  • Available in Professional, Master, and Heritage series
  • Heritage models feature porcelain, brass finishes, and vintage styling
  • Matte metal knobs and handles provide understated elegance

Reasonable Pricing

  • Fraction of the cost of comparable luxury brands
  • Starts around $2,000 for dual fuel range with 5+ burners
  • Huge value for money given the quality and performance

Intuitive Controls

  • Digital interfaces or classic knobs depending on preference
  • Clear settings and cooking modes accessible via touch or knobs
  • Easy to operate right out of the box


Limited Oven Configurations

  • Mainly single or double oven options available
  • No specialty ovens like steam or convection steam
  • Fewer sizes and oven setups compared to some luxury brands

Lower Output Burners

  • Highest burner BTUs top out at 19,000 vs 22,000 for brands like Thermador
  • Lower maximum heat output but still very powerful flame

Thermador Range Pros and Cons


Commercial Grade Build Quality

  • Made in the USA with exquisite fit, finish and attention to detail
  • All 304 stainless steel construction built to last decades
  • Precision engineering and machined metals for durability

Unmatched Power and Performance

  • Up to 22,000 BTU Star Burners, the highest home kitchen output
  • True Convection ovens for incredibly fast and even baking
  • Options for steam, convection steam, warming drawers, etc.

Huge Range Size and Oven Configuration Options

  • Sizes from 30″ up to 60″+ with personalized configuration choices
  • Single, double, and double ovens with warming drawers
  • Customize your perfect pro-style range setup

Innovative Smart Features

  • Guided cooking menus and automatic mode settings
  • Meat probes and food temp monitoring
  • Connected control via smartphone app


Very High Prices

  • Starts at $7,000 and goes up over $15,000
  • Often 2-3x more than Bertazzoni for similar configurations
  • Major luxury brand pricing premium

Overkill Performance for Many Home Cooks

  • Extreme power and features unnecessary for average cooking
  • Why pay more if you won’t utilize the max burner BTUs?
  • Consider your usage before paying for pro-level performance

Primarily Contemporary Styling

  • Most models come in modern stainless steel style
  • Limited options for vintage styling like Bertazzoni offers

So in summary, Bertazzoni provides better value and classic styling while Thermador excels in overall power, performance, features and prestige. Carefully weigh your needs and budget when deciding between these two impressive Italian-inspired luxury range brands.

Bertazzoni vs Thermador: Which Brand Is Right for Your Kitchen?

So when comparing Bertazzoni vs Thermador, which brand should you choose?

Here are some key deciding factors to help you select between these two excellent Italian-inspired high-end range brands:

  • For top-tier performance and max power, Thermador is unbeatable. Their 22K BTU burners and versatile steam ovens have no equal.
  • If you want more oven configurations and versatility, again Thermador is the winner with options like double ovens, steam ovens and more.
  • For those wanting classic knobs and vintage Italian styling, Bertazzoni is wonderful. Models like their Heritage Series provide old world charm.
  • If you prefer digital interfaces and smart features, the technology edge goes to Thermador with their guided cooking and app connectivity.
  • Bertazzoni excels for affordability in the luxury appliance market, giving you pro features at accessible prices.
  • For prestige and status, Thermador remains an aspiration American luxury brand that demands a premium.

As you can see, for most homeowners, Bertazzoni ranges provide an amazing combination of value, power and performance. The technology and extra oven configurations of Thermador are overkill for many home kitchens.

But for those wanting the absolute best with no budget constraints, Thermador rightfully earns its reputation for ultimate quality and innovation.

Hopefully this detailed comparison gives you the information needed to decide which range suits your cooking style, kitchen design and budget. Your choice between Bertazzoni vs Thermador will result in a luxury range that empowers incredible home cooking for years to come.


When it comes to high-end kitchen ranges, Bertazzoni and Thermador represent two stellar options that allow home chefs to achieve professional-level cooking.

Bertazzoni brings Italian-made quality, powerful burners and convection ovens at price points accessible to more homeowners looking to upgrade their kitchen. Thermador delivers ultimate performance and innovations with the very best burner and oven technology, albeit at a premium cost.

Carefully weigh the factors around quality, features, price, and design outlined here. Consider which brand aligns best with your budget and cooking needs. Rest assured both Bertazzoni and Thermador ranges will provide beautiful, culinary tools for creating chef-inspired meals at home.

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