Dead Space Above Stove Ideas: Maximizing Your Kitchen’s Vertical Storage.

Dead Space Above Stove Ideas Maximizing Your Kitchens Vertical Storage

Have you taken a good look at the dead space in your kitchen lately? If you have cabinets that go all the way up to the ceiling, you likely have some awkward, empty areas that serve no purpose. But just because it’s dead space doesn’t mean it has to go to waste!

With some clever ideas and DIY skills, you can transform that useless space into extra storage or display options. From pull-out baskets to hold spices to a mini pantry for canned goods, there are so many possibilities.

So how can you make the most of the dead space above your kitchen cabinets?

Why Use That Awkward Space Above the Cabinets?

That dead space above your kitchen cabinets might seem useless, but it has the potential to be an extremely valuable space in your kitchen’s design and storage solutions. Here are some great reasons to finally do something with that empty area:

  • Add extra storage: Utilizing the dead space for storage can help declutter your countertops and make kitchen items easier to access and organize. Even small storage options like shelves or baskets can hold a lot.
  • Increase functionality: You can add pull-out work surfaces, drying racks, or other functional elements that increase the usability of your kitchen.
  • Display decor: The awkward space is a perfect spot to add some personal touches with decorative items on display.
  • Improve aesthetics: Filling in that dead space can help your kitchen look more finished and put-together. The empty gap can make your beautiful kitchen seem incomplete.
  • Maximize space: With storage and organization at a premium in kitchens, especially small kitchens, taking advantage of dead space is a smart way to maximize every inch you have.

Now that you’re inspired to tackle that dead space above your kitchen cabinets, let’s explore some of the best ways to utilize it!

What Can You Put in That Dead Space in Your Kitchen?

There are so many options when it comes to filling in and taking advantage of the often overlooked dead space in your kitchen design. Here are some awesome ideas to transform that empty space into a functional part of your kitchen:

Built-In Pot and Pan Storage

One of the best ways to use the awkward space above your kitchen cabinets is to add built-in storage racks or drawers to hold your pots, pans and lids. This gets them up off the counters and makes them easily accessible while cooking.

Cabinet companies like Rev-A-Shelf make specific pull down racks for pots and pans that mount to the bottom of the cabinet above. Or you can create DIY versions using metal racks secured to the inside bottom of the upper cabinets.

Make sure to measure the space first to customize the size. Pull-out vertical storage like this is great for maximizing space!

Pull-Out Baskets for Spices and Kitchen Items

Another way to take advantage of that wasted space above your cabinets is to add pull-out baskets. These can hold spices, oils, packaged foods and all sorts of kitchen items for easy access.

Mount them under the cabinet bottoms or on the inside cabinet walls to take advantage of vertical storage spaces. Pull-out baskets keep items organized and free up space in your cupboards below.

Tip: Label the baskets clearly so you remember what’s inside!

Shelves for Cookbooks and Decor

Why not use that empty space to store your cookbooks and decor? Mounting floating shelves across the dead space provides a perfect spot to store upright cookbooks attractively.

You can also use the shelves to hold decorative items like vases, plants, or art. Just make sure anything you display won’t easily tip over or fall off. Stagger items of different heights for optimal use of the space.

Floating wall mounted shelves are easy to install and offer a great way to utilize the dead space while adding style.

Extend Your Countertop Into the Space

Have a narrow countertop area? Consider extending your existing countertop right up into the dead space to add more surface area.

Using heavy duty brackets, mount additional countertop material securely to create one long extended counter. It can provide extra meal prep space or allow for more bar seating.

Just make sure the extended section is properly supported. This is a great idea to maximize work space in a small kitchen.

Create a Mini Pantry for Canned Goods

That awkward dead space above your cabinets is the perfect spot to create a mini pantry to hold canned goods, boxes of food and other shelf-stable items.

Simply add shelves across the space and use small boxes or baskets to corral items. Keeping these bulky items separate from your main pantry helps save space and organizes efficiently.

Labeling the shelves clearly makes finding things easy. A mini pantry like this is a great way to utilize the unused space!

Add a Fold Down Work Surface

For a really functional addition, install a fold down work surface that tucks up into the space when not in use. Mounted on heavy duty brackets, it can fold down when you need extra counter area for prep work or serving.

When raised, it stays hidden discreetly. Make sure the work surface is made of a durable material that can handle heavy items placed on it temporarily. This versatile piece is perfect for small kitchens.

Install Floating Shelves or Book Holders

Here’s an easy DIY option – install floating shelves or book holders right inside that vacant space. You can use them to hold cookbooks upright, store small decor items, or even hold baskets of fruits and vegetables.

Floating shelves instantly provides storage and display space. And book holders make great organizers too. Paint or finish them to match your cabinets for a cohesive look. Take advantage of all that wasted vertical space!

Use It for Open Shelving and Display

Why not turn that empty space above your kitchen cabinets into open shelving for display? The possibilities are endless.

You can use wall mounted rails or ledges to hold pretty jars of ingredients, cookbooks, or potted herbs. Or mount full open shelves all the way across to utilize every inch.

The open concept shows off your items while keeping them easily accessible. Just be sure to secure items well so they don’t fall off. Open shelving brings life to dead spaces!

Take Advantage of the Space Beside the Fridge

Often overlooked, the awkward narrow space beside the refrigerator is prime real estate for better storage solutions. You can integrate custom cabinetry or shelving to hold items like cutting boards, baking sheets, or small appliances that won’t fit elsewhere.

Since the fridge opening limits cabinet options, consider open shelving or vertical storage for utensils. Any space beside major appliances is worth taking advantage of.


As you can see, there are so many great ways to transform the dead space in your kitchen above the cabinets. With a little creativity and DIY skills, you can add function and style.

Built-in storage, pull-out work surfaces, open shelving, baskets, and more are all smart options for utilizing the awkward space to its full potential. You can maximize storage, display decor beautifully, and improve the overall look and functionality of your kitchen.

So don’t let that dead space go to waste! Look at it as an opportunity to amplify your storage, display cool decor, and customize your kitchen design. Get inspired by these ideas and get creative with using the often overlooked space in your kitchen in ways that suit your unique needs. That empty area won’t be dead space for long!

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