Why Does My Electric Stove Burner Stay on High?

Why Does My Electric Stove Burner Stay on High

If you notice that your electric stove burner is stuck on the highest heat setting and won’t turn off or respond to temperature adjustments, it likely indicates an underlying issue. Several faults can cause an electric stove burner to remain constantly on high, posing a safety hazard and making it impossible to cook properly.

Read on to learn the main reasons an electric burner stays on high, how to troubleshoot the problem, and steps you can take to fix it. With some targeted troubleshooting and repair, you can get your electric stove burner working properly again.

Symptoms of an Electric Stove Burner Stuck on High

How can you tell if your electric stove burner is malfunctioning and stuck on high? Here are the telltale signs:

  • The burner remains on the highest heat setting no matter where you turn the knob
  • It does not respond when you try to lower the temperature
  • The burner stays red-hot and continues glowing even after turning it off
  • The area around the burner is much hotter than other burners
  • You smell gas or something burning

If your electric stove burner exhibits these symptoms, there is likely an underlying issue causing it to get stuck on high. Identifying the specific problem will help you troubleshoot and fix it.

5 Reasons an Electric Stove Burner Gets Stuck on High

Several different issues can cause an electric stove burner to get stuck on high. Here are 5 of the most common culprits:

1. Faulty Burner Switch or Infinite Switch

One of the most common reasons an electric stove burner gets stuck on high is a problem with the burner switch, also known as an infinite switch. This switch controls the flow of electricity to the burner. If it fails, the burner can get stuck on high.

2. Damaged Burner Wiring and Connections

Faulty wiring running to the burner can also cause it to malfunction and stay on high. Frayed wires or loose connections can allow too much electricity to continuously flow to the burner.

3. Broken or Stuck Surface Unit

The surface heating element or burner unit itself can break and get stuck on high. This direct source of heat is controlled by the infinite switch. A malfunctioning surface unit must be replaced to fix the problem.

4. Defective Temperature Limiter

A broken temperature limiter is another possibility. This safety device is designed to turn the burner off if it overheats. When defective, it can cause the burner to remain on high indefinitely.

5. Malfunctioning Control Board

Finally, a control board failure can lead to continuous maximum heat. The control board regulates electricity to all burners. If faulty, it can override other control devices.

So in summary, the most common culprits are an infinite switch problem, wiring issues, broken heating element, faulty limiter, or control board failure. Thorough troubleshooting is needed to pinpoint which one is causing your electric burner to get stuck on high.

How to Troubleshoot an Electric Stove Burner Stuck on High?

Troubleshooting a stuck electric stove burner involves inspecting components methodically to isolate the issue. Follow these steps:

  • Unplug the stove – For safety, unplug the stove before inspecting anything. Allow the burner and stove interior to fully cool.
  • Remove burner knob – Take off the knob for the malfunctioning burner to expose the infinite switch shaft.
  • Inspect infinite switch – Check for damage, broken parts, or detachment from burner. Test to see if switch is engaging properly when rotating.
  • Check wiring connections – Verify wires are intact and securely connected to burner and infinite switch terminals.
  • Use a multimeter – Check for continuity in wires and test components to help identify the faulty part.
  • Assess heating element – Visually inspect the burner itself for damage or deformation. Test its resistance.

Thoroughly troubleshooting and understanding the specific root cause will direct you how to properly fix an electric stove burner stuck on high. Safety is paramount, so exercise caution.

Fixing an Electric Stove Burner That Stays on High

Once you’ve isolated the problematic component causing the electric burner to get stuck on high, you can take steps to fix it:

  • Replace infinite switch – If faulty, install a new infinite switch kit matching your model. Ensure its properly aligned and connected.
  • Repair wiring – For wiring issues, rearrange, reattach, or replace damaged wires and connectors as needed.
  • Install new heating element – If the surface unit is broken, replace it with the correct replacement part.
  • Replace temperature limiter – A broken limiter requires installation of a new one wired into the burner circuitry.
  • Swap control board – For control board failure, replace the faulty control board with a new one.

Replacing the specific malfunctioning component is the proper way to fix an electric stove burner stuck on high long-term. Take safety precautions if handling wiring yourself. Calling an appliance repair technician is recommended if you’re unsure of the proper repair process.

Preventing Electric Stove Burners from Getting Stuck On High

You can minimize the chances of your electric stove burners malfunctioning and getting stuck on high by following these proactive tips:

  • Clean burners regularly – Built up food debris on burners can lead to malfunctions. Keep them clean.
  • Avoid heating empty cookware – Turning on burners without pots/pans can damage the heating elements.
  • Replace old heating elements – Swap out worn or deformed heating elements before they break down.
  • Keep dry – Don’t let spills or moisture leak onto electric connections under the cooktop.
  • Schedule maintenance – Have an appliance repair technician periodically inspect the stove for potential issues. Catching problems early prevents bigger breakdowns.

Routine maintenance and care goes a long way towards preventing issues of electric stove burners getting stuck on high down the road.

When to Call an Appliance Repair Technician?

Attempting do-it-yourself repairs on an electric stove stuck on high can be dangerous if wiring or gas lines are involved. Contact an appliance repair technician when:

  • You’re unsure of the root cause or how to properly troubleshoot the issue
  • Replacement parts must be purchased and installed
  • Wiring needs to be repaired, replaced, or re-connected
  • You smell gas or the stove emits smoke/burning smells
  • The stove requires general maintenance or skilled repair

Electric stove repair often requires technical skills and knowledge to ensure proper function and safety after fixing the issue. Calling a professional appliance repair technician is wise – don’t take risks working on an electric stove yourself.

Conclusion: Get Professional Help Fixing an Electric Stove Burner Stuck on High

A malfunctioning electric stove burner that remains constantly on high can be attributed to several different technical faults. Identifying the underlying problem requires proper troubleshooting of infinite switches, wiring, heating elements, limiters and control boards.

While DIY repairs are possible, they involve electrical risks. Your best solution is to hire a professional appliance repair technician to pinpoint and fix the issue. They have the skills, knowledge and resources to safely repair your electric stove burner and get it functioning normally again.

Don’t take chances with DIY repairs on a malfunctioning electric stove. Contact a qualified appliance repair company to properly diagnose and fix the problem fast. They can protect your home, family and belongings and ensure the stove works safely for years to come.

FAQs About Electric Stove Burners Staying on High

Why does my electric stove burner stay on high even when turned off?

If an electric burner remains on high after turning it off, it typically indicates a problem with the infinite switch not engaging to stop electricity flow. Damaged burner wiring can also cause the heating element to stay on.

Why does my electric burner keep glowing red even after turning it off?

The electric surface unit continuing to glow red hot after turning off the stove means the heating element is still receiving power when it shouldn’t be. This suggests a faulty infinite switch or wiring issue is causing continuous electrical current to the burner.

How do I reset an electric stove burner that is stuck on?

You’ll need to unplug the unit or turn off power at the breaker before resetting the burner. Check the infinite switch and heating element connections before plugging back in. If unsuccessful, replacement parts may be needed. Calling an appliance repair technician is the best option.

Is it safe to use an electric stove with a burner staying on high?

No, it is not safe to use an electric stove if a burner is stuck on high and won’t turn off. This poses a fire hazard and risk of burns. The stove should be unplugged and repaired before attempting to use it again.

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