Discover the Tasty 11-Piece Diamond Reinforced Nonstick Cookware Set

Discover the Tasty 11 Piece Diamond Reinforced Nonstick Cookware Set

Tasty is a leading cookware brand known for quality nonstick pots and pans. Their diamond reinforced nonstick coating is designed to be extremely durable, scratch-resistant and long-lasting.

In this in-depth review, we’ll examine the key features and performance of the Tasty 11-Piece Diamond Reinforced Cookware Set. We’ll evaluate the nonstick capabilities, ease of use, durability, cooking results and other important factors to consider. Read on for the full review to see if this nonstick cookware set from Tasty delivers on tasty cooking.

Overview of the Tasty 11-Piece Diamond Reinforced Cookware Set

  • Set includes 11-inch fry pan, 1.5-quart sauce pan with lid, 2.5-quart sauce pan with lid, 3-quart saute pan with lid, 6-quart stock pot with lid, and 9.5-inch diameter steamer insert
  • Made with heavy-gauge aluminum for fast, even heating
  • Diamond reinforced nonstick interior is metal utensil safe
  • Tempered glass lids with venting for monitoring food
  • Soft-touch handles stay cool during stovetop cooking
  • Oven safe to 500°F

Tasty Cookware Set Review: Nonstick Performance

The Tasty cookware set features a diamond reinforced nonstick coating designed to provide superior food release. In testing, eggs slid right out of the fry pan and other foods released cleanly from the saucepots with little added oil or butter.

The metal utensil safe interior allows use of metal spoons, whisks and spatulas without damage. The diamond reinforcement makes this set far more scratch resistant than ceramic nonstick coatings.

Even after frequent use, the nonstick performance remains intact. Food residue wipes away easily after cooking without requiring scrubbing. For cooks wanting a high-quality nonstick surface that maintains its food release over time, this set delivers.

The diamond-infused triple-layer coating is integrated directly into the aluminum cookware for maximum strength. The process bonds the real diamond crystals with the aluminum at the molecular level under extreme heat and pressure. This results in a smooth, flawless nonstick finish that holds up beautifully over years of cooking.

Tasty’s proprietary nonstick formula outperforms cheaper ceramic and standard Teflon-based coatings. It provides effortless food release for all your favorite recipes, from fragile fish fillets to fluffy omelets. The reinforced diamond surface makes cooking and cleanup a total breeze.

Tasty Cookware Set Review: Durability

Constructed from heavy-gauge aluminum, the Tasty cookware set stands up well to daily cooking demands. The diamond reinforced coating is integrated into multiple layers for enhanced strength and abrasion resistance.

The riveted stainless steel handles are securely attached for lasting performance. And the shatter-resistant tempered glass lids add durability.

While cheaper ceramic nonstick sets show wear after a few months, this Tasty set maintains its flawless cooking surface even after heavy usage. It’s built to meet the rigors of frequent cooking and cleaning without any deterioration.

The thick, impact-bonded aluminum base prevents warping even under high heat. It allows for swift heating across the entire pan surface. The exterior maintains its smooth, glossy finish without chipping or peeling.

Inside, the patented diamond-infused coating remains free of scratches and pits after extended use. Its unmatched nonstick power endures without needing reapplication of oils or spraying.

Every component, from the sturdy riveted handles to the clear tempered glass lids, demonstrates quality craftsmanship built to last. This cookware set truly raises the bar for nonstick durability.

Tasty Cookware Set Review: Ease of Use

Thoughtful design choices make the Tasty nonstick cookware set very user-friendly. The stay-cool handles provide a comfortable grip when cooking. Pouring rims and helper handles simplify transferring food between cooktop, oven and table.

The clear tempered glass lids have vented holes for visibility. This allows monitoring food without needing to disrupt the cooking process.

The reinforced nonstick coating also enables easy food release with minimal oil or butter. Cleaning up after meals is fast, as food residue wipes away without scrubbing.

Everything about this set is made to handle common cooking tasks with less hassle and effort. From searing meats to steaming veggies, it’s the ideal easy-to-use nonstick cookware.

The contoured stainless steel handles give you a secure grip even when pans get hot. Their unique oval shape allows for easy maneuvering of pans between stovetop and oven. Gently curved rims make it simple to pour off fats or drain liquids without spilling.

The snug-fitting vented glass lids maintain heat and moisture while letting you view food as it cooks. Soups and stews won’t boil over since excess steam can escape.

Nonstick cooking recipes can cut oil use by up to half, for healthier meals with fewer calories. And post-dinner cleanup takes just minutes versus scrubbing and soaking. The Tasty set minimizes the effort at every stage of cooking.

Tasty Cookware Set Review: Cooking Performance

When it comes to cooking, the Tasty set gets top marks for even heat distribution and thorough cooking. The aluminum construction and flat, thick bases prevent hot spots. Foods cook evenly no matter which piece you use.

The tight-fitting lids lock in moisture and flavors. Soups and braises come out full of depth without becoming diluted. Steaks and other proteins turn out juicy and tender.

Whether you’re simmering, sauteing, frying or baking, you’ll achieve optimal results every time. From breakfast eggs to satisfying stews, this set has the cooking prowess to make dinner delicious.

The impact-bonded heavy aluminum bases heat rapidly across the entire pan surface. This allows for perfect searing with no undercooked spots. Oven-safe up to 500°F, the cookware transitions seamlessly from stovetop sautéing or frying to broiling or baking.

Vented glass lids circulate moisture while venting excess steam. Slow-cooked roasts turn out fall-apart tender without drying out. Delicate fish fillets remain intact when flipped or removed from the nonstick surface.

From sticky caramelized onions to flaky fish, tender meats to melted cheese, the Tasty cookware exceeds expectations across cooking techniques. Even novice home chefs can whip up gourmet meals.

Tasty Cookware Set Review: Food Quality

The superior cooking performance of the Tasty cookware directly translates to better-tasting food. Meats retain moisture while developing a nice sear. Vegetables caramelize evenly without burning. Even delicate fish fillets come out with a lovely crust.

The vented lids allow some steam to escape while concentrating flavors. Sauces and soups gain rich complexity. Added seasonings fully permeate dishes so you taste every spice and herb.

For home cooks desiring restaurant-quality dishes from their own kitchen, this set won’t disappoint. It brings out the full potential in any recipe.

The diamond reinforced nonstick surface allows for low-fat cooking without compromising flavor. Chicken breasts, pork chops and steaks develop a crisp browned crust without oil. Pan sauces come out silky and full-bodied.

Vegetables like onions, peppers and broccoli achieve perfect charring and caramelization. Their natural sugars fully develop without charring.

Whether it’s eggs, pancakes or grilled cheese, foods just taste better when cooked in the Tasty pans. The even heat distribution and nonstick release enhance flavor and texture.

Tasty Cookware Set Review: Cleaning and Care

The Tasty nonstick cookware set makes cleanup after meals a breeze. Food residue wipes away easily by hand with just warm water. You can also pop the pieces in the dishwasher, though hand washing extends the nonstick life.

Avoid abrasive cleaners or scouring pads, and don’t cut directly on the cooking surface. With basic care, the reinforced coating will maintain its food release for years to come.

While the cookware is dishwasher safe, hand washing is recommended. The gentle cycle helps preserve the nonstick coating. Avoid using harsh detergents, which can degrade the finish over time.

After cooking, foods release cleanly from the diamond-infused surface. A soft sponge easily removes any residual oils or sauces with just soap and water.

The exterior aluminum surface can be washed with mild cleaners if needed. Avoid metal scouring pads or abrasive scrubbers, which may scratch the pans.

With proper care, the Tasty set will retain its flawless cooking performance and easy cleanup. Treat it well for a lifetime of nonstick enjoyment.

Tasty Cookware Set Review: Drawbacks

The Tasty 11-piece set performs beyond expectations, but there are a couple downsides:

  • Dark nonstick coating makes monitoring browning difficult
  • Requires gentler hand washing for best results
  • Shorter oven-safe temperature compared to some brands

The dark interior makes seeing fond development tricky, but is a minor issue. Hand washing takes a bit more effort than tossing in the dishwasher. The 500°F oven limit also excludes very high-heat baking or broiling.

However, for most home cooking tasks, the performance is top-notch. These are reasonable tradeoffs given the diamond-reinforced durability.

The speckled black nonstick finish looks sleek but doesn’t allow easy viewing of fond as it develops. To check browning, you need to lift or tilt pans.

While officially dishwasher safe, the manual recommends hand washing. The intense heat and detergents can degrade the coating over time.

The max oven temp of 500°F is sufficient for most recipes. But it restricts high-heat roasting or broiling above this limit.

Overall though, the benefits far outweigh these small drawbacks for home cooks. Tasty’s patented diamond-infused coating outshines other nonstick brands.

Tasty Cookware Set Review: Consumer Reviews

In addition to expert testing, it’s helpful to look at consumer reviews of the Tasty cookware. Here are some common positives and negatives from buyers:


  • Excellent nonstick release right out of the box
  • Comfortable handles for confident handling
  • Durable construction that looks like new after months
  • Easy cleanup living up to nonstick claims
  • Cooks food evenly without hotspots


  • Heavy set that may be too hefty for some
  • Dark coating can make food monitoring tricky
  • Prone to scratches if using metal utensils
  • Glass lids susceptible to breaking

Overall, most consumer reviewers are very satisfied with the nonstick performance, durability and cooking results. Many mention the quality rivals far more expensive brands.

Some find the set too heavy and bulky for comfortable everyday use. And the dark interior does make checking doneness more difficult.

There are also reports of scratching if using metal utensils. But the majority agree the diamond reinforcement keeps the nonstick intact even with frequent use.

Tasty Cookware Set Review: Verdict

With its diamond-strengthened construction, superior nonstick release, and easy handling, the Tasty 11-Piece Cookware Set is a winner. It’s built to last through years of cooking while delivering excellent results.

The even heating and thorough cooking produces flavorful dishes with tender proteins and bright, caramelized veggies. Cleaning up is fast, allowing you to enjoy mealtime rather than scrubbing pots.

For cooks wanting reliable nonstick cookware with professional-grade cooking prowess, this Tasty set is a smart investment. It will satisfy all your daily cooking needs while enhancing the flavor of everything you make.

Between the durable aluminum pan bodies and diamond-infused coating, the Tasty set clearly outpaces inferior nonstick brands. It’s a pleasure to cook with and built to provide flawless food release for life.

While not the most budget-friendly option, it delivers gourmet cooking power at a reasonable price point. For home chefs obsessed with kitchen quality, the performance justifies the investment.

If you’re seeking restaurant-caliber results from your own stovetop, this thoughtfully designed cookware won’t let you down. The Tasty 11-piece set truly earns its name by making everything you cook taste that much better.

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