How to Turn Off a Whirlpool Microwave Oven Combo?

How to Turn Off a Whirlpool Microwave Oven Combo

Have you ever needed to fully power down your Whirlpool microwave oven combo but weren’t exactly sure how to do it? Maybe you wanted to clean the appliance interior or were troubleshooting some odd error codes. Or perhaps you simply needed to unplug the unit while moving to a new home.

Whatever the reason, completely turning off a Whirlpool microwave oven combo requires following some important steps to avoid potential hazards or damage.

So how exactly do you turn off these popular microwave oven models in the safest and most effective manner?

This comprehensive guide will walk you through the entire process in detail. You’ll learn:

  • Common reasons for powering down your Whirlpool combo
  • Step-by-step instructions for both freestanding and built-in models
  • Troubleshooting tips for any shutdown issues
  • Key takeaways to remember

Let’s start by understanding what Whirlpool microwave oven combos are and why you’d need to turn them off in the first place.

What Are Whirlpool Microwave Oven Combos?

Whirlpool has designed a range of built-in microwave oven models that integrate a traditional microwave cooking cavity with a conventional oven. Often referred to as microwave oven “combos,” these 2-in-1 appliances provide the speedy cooking convenience of a microwave along with additional modes like bake, broil, and roast.

Combo Oven Cavity

The combo oven cavity can be either a standard thermal oven or a convection oven with a fan to circulate hot air. Some newest models even include air fry capabilities for crisping foods like french fries without all the oil.

Key Features

Key features of Whirlpool microwave oven combos include:

  • Stainless steel or black stainless exterior
  • Large microwave cavity sizes up to 2.2 cubic feet
  • Separate oven cavity up to 5.7 cubic feet
  • Glass touch or touchscreen control panels for programming
  • Interior oven lights
  • Removable turntables
  • Sensor cooking technology

Combo Design

The combo design allows you to cook an entire meal using different modes in each cavity. For example, you could microwave vegetables in one while baking chicken in the other.

Now that you understand these appliances better, let’s look at why you may need to power one down.

Why Should You Turn Off a Whirlpool Microwave Oven Combo?

There are several common reasons you may need to fully turn off your Whirlpool microwave oven combo:

  • Performing repairs or maintenance
  • Cleaning the appliance interior
  • Troubleshooting error messages or glitches
  • Relocating or moving the unit
  • Safety before long vacations or periods of non-use
  • Resetting or rebooting the appliance’s computer
  • Preventing children from accidentally starting

Properly powering down the combo microwave ensures that electricity is fully disconnected from the unit. This helps avoid potential electrical hazards, damage to components, or accidental activation.

Both the microwave and oven cavities need to be deactivated completely before conducting maintenance or repairs. The same applies when cleaning the interior; all power should be disconnected to avoid electrical shocks.

You’ll also want to turn off the combo before unplugging and moving it to prevent internal computer issues. And for safety, the appliance should always be completely deactivated during long absences or vacations to avoid unintended operation.

Rebooting the computer by turning off the combo can clear up some error codes and glitches as well. The next section will cover the step-by-step process for powering down Whirlpool microwave oven combos.

How to Turn Off Whirlpool Microwave Oven Combos?

The basic process for turning off a Whirlpool combo involves first stopping any cooking cycles, opening the doors, cutting power at the outlet or breaker, and allowing time for deactivation.

However, the detailed steps vary slightly between freestanding models (which can be unplugged) and permanently installed built-in models. Let’s go through each:

Turning Off Freestanding Whirlpool Combos

Follow these steps to safely power down a freestanding Whirlpool microwave oven combo:

  1. Press the Power or Stop/Cancel button on the microwave and oven control panels to end any active cooking cycles.
  2. Open the microwave door first, then the oven door fully. This releases any interior heat, energy, or pressure.
  3. Unplug the electrical power cord from the wall outlet completely. Never pull on the cord itself.
  4. Leave both doors ajar and allow the appliance to sit powered down for at least 10-30 seconds. This ensures the unit fully disengages.
  5. For extra safety, you can trip the circuit breaker supplying electricity to the microwave oven combo as well.
  6. Avoid powering the unit back on until any repairs or maintenance are completed.

Those are the basic steps for freestanding Whirlpool combos. Now let’s look at built-in models.

Shutting Down Built-In Whirlpool Combos

For Whirlpool combos permanently installed into cabinetry or walls, the steps are similar but involve cutting power at the household breaker instead:

  1. Press Power or Stop/Cancel on the microwave and oven control panels to cease operation.
  2. Open both the microwave and oven doors fully until they latch in the open position.
  3. Locate the circuit breaker supplying electricity to the microwave oven combo and switch it to the OFF position.
  4. If possible, disconnect the electrical supply wiring from the combo as well, following appliance electrical safety. This depends on your specific installation.
  5. Allow the microwave oven combo to sit deactivated for at least 30 seconds before reconnecting power.
  6. Never restore electrical power until all repairs or maintenance procedures are complete.

And that covers proper shutdown procedures for both freestanding and built-in Whirlpool microwave oven combos. Let’s now go over some troubleshooting tips in case you encounter any problems powering down your unit.

Troubleshooting Problems When Turning Off Whirlpool Combos

In some instances, you may run into issues fully turning off your Whirlpool microwave oven combo:

  • Appliance keeps running when pressing Power: Try holding the Power button for 3+ seconds to force shutdown. The door also needs to be opened to stop operation.
  • Lights or display stay on after turning off: This standby power is normal. Fully unplug or trip the breaker to complete the power down process.
  • Oven portion won’t turn off: Be sure both cavities are turned off at their separate control panels. The microwave and oven have independent controls.
  • Microwave fails to turn off: If pressing Power and opening the door don’t work, unplug the appliance or trip the household breaker to cut all power.
  • Cooking functions activate on their own: This could indicate an electrical issue. Unplug and contact Whirlpool customer support immediately.

Don’t hesitate to reach out to Whirlpool product support if any strange behavior persists after attempting to turn off your microwave oven combo.

Now let’s summarize some key tips and takeaways when powering down these dual-cavity appliances.

Key Takeaways for Turning Off Whirlpool Combos

To recap the steps for properly shutting down a Whirlpool microwave oven combo:

  • Always begin by pressing Power or Stop/Cancel to cease any cooking cycles.
  • Fully open both the microwave and oven doors immediately after to release interior heat and energy.
  • Give the appliance adequate time to completely power down, at least 30 seconds.
  • For freestanding models, unplug fully from the electrical outlet as well.
  • For built-in models, trip the dedicated circuit breaker to cut power.
  • Troubleshoot any strange shutdown issues by unplugging, checking breakers, and contacting Whirlpool.

Following these guidelines ensures you safely disconnect all electricity to the microwave oven combo before cleaning, maintenance, or relocation.

Now let’s answer some common questions about powering down Whirlpool combos.

Frequently Asked Questions

What happens if I suddenly lose power to my Whirlpool combo?

Sudden power interruptions can sometimes corrupt the computer memory, leading to error codes or malfunctions. If this occurs, leave the unit unplugged for 5+ minutes to clear errors before restoring power.

Do I need to turn off the combo before every use?

No, typically you only need to power down the appliance fully for cleaning, maintenance, troubleshooting, or relocating. Otherwise, just use the Power or Stop/Cancel buttons between normal cooking cycles.

Is it safe to press Stop/Cancel to end a microwave cycle quickly?

Yes, Stop/Cancel allows you to quickly terminate any microwave cycle safely. The microwave energy stops instantly but interior heat may remain. Use caution when removing contents immediately after stopping.

Can turning off the appliance delete my programmed settings?

No, all of your saved power levels, cook times, and presets will remain stored in the memory indefinitely, even when powered down completely. These settings only reset if you manually delete them.

How long should I leave the doors open when turning off my combo?

Leave both doors fully open for at least 10-30 seconds after cutting power. This gives any interior heat, energy, or steam time to dissipate safely before reaching in.

Why does my combo have a night light that stays on?

A faint night light is common with Whirlpool combos and indicates the unit is in standby mode. The appliance must be unplugged or have its breaker tripped to fully turn off this standby power.

Is it safe to repeatedly power my combo on and off?

Frequently cycling power without allowing the computer to shut down properly can lead to software glitches or hardware damage over time. Avoid repeatedly cutting power rapidly.

Hopefully those answers provide some additional useful tips for new Whirlpool combo oven owners. Now let’s wrap up with a final summary.


Whirlpool microwave oven combos integrate the quick cooking of a microwave with the baking, broiling, and roasting capabilities of a traditional oven.

While they don’t require powering down daily, there are important times when turning off your Whirlpool combo completely is recommended. This includes conducting repairs, deep cleaning, troubleshooting issues, or moving the appliance.

Carefully follow the step-by-step instructions provided above to safely deactivate your specific freestanding or built-in Whirlpool microwave oven combo model. Allow sufficient time for power to dissipate and all interior heat and energy to release.

With the helpful tips in this guide, you can confidently power down your Whirlpool combo fully whenever required. Just be cautious, take your time, and don’t hesitate to contact Whirlpool support for any stubborn issues turning your microwave oven completely off.

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