Solo Stove Bonfire Lid Alternative: Top 5 Options for Better Protection

Solo Stove Bonfire Lid Alternative Top 5 Options for Better Protection

Solo Stove’s stainless steel bonfire pits are extremely popular options for portable, smokeless outdoor fire pits. However, the bonfire model does not come with its own lid. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll look at the top options for solo stove bonfire lids and covers to protect your fire pit.

Should You Buy the Official Solo Stove Lid?

The most obvious option for a bonfire lid is to purchase Solo Stove’s official accessory lid. This custom-fit stainless steel lid is specifically designed for the Bonfire model. Here are the key benefits and drawbacks of the Solo Stove lid:


  • Made from 304 stainless steel to match Solo Stove construction
  • Snug fit for Bonfire model
  • Lifts on and off easily
  • Allows smoke ventilation


  • Expensive at around $60
  • Doesn’t fully seal or make airtight
  • Prone to scratches

The official Solo Stove lid does a decent job of protecting the pit when not in use and keeping out debris. But the high price tag and lack of airtight seal makes it less than ideal. Let’s look at some alternative options that may work better.

Generic Fire Pit Covers

Instead of the Solo Stove brand lid, you can opt for a generic fire pit cover or lid made to fit typical sizes. The benefit here is finding a more budget-friendly option at a lower price point. Just be sure to get the right measurements. Here’s what to look for in fire pit lids:

  • Size – Get one for 15″-17″ round fire pits
  • Material – Look for stainless steel or cast iron
  • Weight – Heavier materials last longer
  • Handles – Built-in handles make removing easier
  • Adjustable – Customizable fits are ideal

AmazonBasics and Landmann are two popular brands for basic fire pit lids in the $20 to $40 range. These lids allow for ventilation and do a decent job keeping out debris. Make sure to compare carefully with the Solo Stove Bonfire dimensions to ensure a tight, snug fit.

DIY Solutions

If you’re handy, you may consider making your own bonfire lid. This allows you to customize the design, size, and features. Here are some DIY lid ideas to consider:

  • Metal sheets – Cut stainless steel or galvanized steel into rounds
  • Grill covers – Repurpose a charcoal grill cover
  • Ceramic tiles – Use concrete backer board topped with tiles
  • Pavers or bricks – Arrange into lid and mortar together

Make sure to measure properly and account for the Bonfire’s unique shape. Fold over edges or add handles from metal strips for ease of use. Get creative with materials like tempered glass, stone, or clay for a DIY fire pit lid.

Accessory Lids and Covers

There are also some third-party accessory lids made to fit the Solo Stove Bonfire:

  • Solo Pit 360 Lid – Steel hinges open in halves for stoking
  • Fire Pit Art FlameGuard – Bronze lid with decorative cutouts
  • Sunnydaze Round Fire Pit Cover – Canvas lid with velcro straps

These accessories range from $60 to over $100 but provide fuller coverage and more sealing than the Solo Stove brand lid. The Fire Pit Art option looks particularly stylish.

Maintaining Your Fire Pit Lid

Any fire pit cover or lid will need proper care and maintenance:

  • Wipe off ash after each use
  • Use stainless steel cleaner weekly
  • Store lid on-end to prevent water pooling
  • Re-seal adjustable lids if needed
  • Avoid abrasive cleaners that can scratch

With some basic care, a good fire pit lid can last for years. Be sure to bring the lid indoors or under a cover in extreme weather.

Choosing the Best Solo Stove Bonfire Lid

Here are some final tips for picking the perfect lid for your Bonfire setup:

  • Get the right diameter – measure carefully!
  • Prioritize heavier stainless steel
  • Look for adjustable fits and sealing
  • Consider splashguards or raised edges
  • Match the lid style to your patio decor

While the official Solo Stove lid is a safe option, you can likely find better coverage, value, and style with third-party alternatives. With some smart shopping, you can protect your Bonfire pit in style.

Alternate Materials for DIY Fire Pit Lids

Beyond basic metals and fabrics, there are many alternate materials that can be used creatively for making your own DIY bonfire lid. Here are some unique ideas:

Using Stone and Concrete

Durable concrete pavers, concrete backer board, granite, and stone make excellent bases for DIY lids. Here are some tips:

  • Arrange pavers and use concrete adhesive to bind
  • Cut concrete backer board with angle grinder
  • Set flat field stones into concrete for decorative lids
  • Use a mold to form custom concrete lids
  • Inlay tiles into concrete tops for ornamental lids

Stone and concrete lids take more effort but result in super durable, weatherproof covers. Be sure to account for weight in the design.

Incorporating Glass

For a unique look, glass can make an excellent fire pit lid material:

  • Find tempered glass cut to size at specialty shops
  • Frame out glass tops with steel supports
  • Use tinted or opaque glass for privacy
  • Add etched designs or decals under glass
  • Arrange colored glass fragments in concrete

Though vulnerable to impact, glass lids properly framed in metal can safely cover a fire pit with style.

Using Ceramics and Pottery

High-fired ceramic and pottery materials hold up well in outdoor environments. Creative options include:

  • Make a lid out of ceramic tile
  • Use upside-down clay pots and bowls
  • Arrange decorative ceramic pieces in mosaic patterns
  • Frame custom pottery lids made on a wheel
  • Include ceramic candle holders or chimneys

Ceramic and pottery lids with a Southwestern motif can enhance a courtyard patio space.

Considering Alternate Metals

Beyond basic stainless steel, other metals can provide decorative lids:

  • Copper sheeting has a warmth and patina
  • Bronze lids offer a sculpture-like quality
  • Corrugated tin has a rustic, salvaged aesthetic
  • Cast iron can be made into custom lids
  • Repurpose industrial metal parts and pieces

Mixing metal types, patinas, and textures can achieve truly one-of-a-kind lids.

With the right adhesive and sealants, these unique materials can form durable, custom fire pit covers that become an art piece unto themselves. Get creative!

Safety Tips for Using Fire Pit Lids

Anytime you light an outdoor fire pit, safety should be the top concern. Here are some key tips for secure, hazard-free use of fire pit lids:

Allow Adequate Ventilation

Lids left completely sealed over a burning fire quickly deplete oxygen while building up dangerous smoke and carbon monoxide.

  • Keep lid partially open while fire is lit
  • Use lids with adjustable vents or chimneys
  • Lift lid fully when fueling fire to avoid backdraft

Proper airflow is crucial for safety and efficient burning.

Avoid Flammable Materials

Some materials used in DIY lids like fabrics or wood can be fire hazards.

  • Only use fire-rated, non-flammable materials
  • Avoid loose fabrics that could blow onto the fire
  • Don’t expose edges or undersides of wood
  • Use steel or aluminum supports for glass or tile

Take precautions so lids themselves don’t become fuel.

Position Away From Traffic Areas

Lids placed precariously can become tripping hazards leading to falls.

  • Don’t locate lids where people frequently walk
  • Make sure lids are fully out of pathways
  • Place lids off to the side of the fire pit itself
  • Mark openings and uneven edges with high-visibility tape

Carefully position lids where no one will accidentally trip over them.

Keep Surfaces Cool and Clean

Heated lids from the fire’s radiation can reach dangerously hot temperatures:

  • Allow adequate cooling before touching lids
  • Keep lid exteriors free of flammable debris
  • Use handles and opens cautiously to prevent burns
  • Ensure children and pets don’t touch hot surfaces

Regular cleaning and caution helps avoid serious burns.

Store Lids Safely

Improperly stored lids become hazards in themselves.

  • Place lids out of reach of children when not in use
  • Never stack heavy lids in unstable piles
  • Store in dry, sheltered areas away from flammables
  • Secure round lids so they don’t roll or fall

With some basic precautions, fire pit lids can be used safely for years of outdoor enjoyment.

Top-Rated Fire Pit Lids You Can Buy Online

If shopping for a complete fire pit lid solution, these products offer excellent quality and value from major retailers:

Blue Star Steel Fire Pit Covers

These heavy-gauge steel lids come in round sizes from 30″ to 44″. They feature handles for easy lifting and ventilation for airflow when lit. Prices range from $50 to $150.

Sun Joe Cast Stone Fire Pit Lid

This stylish lid is constructed from weather-resistant cast stone with an antique pewter finish. It comes in a 33″ round size for $79.

Pleasant Hearth Steel Mesh Lid

Available in round and square sizes, this powder-coated steel mesh lid promotes ventilation starting at $65.

Cardinal Forge Covers and Accessories

This brand offers a variety of steel and cast iron lids, grates, spark screens and fire pit accessories starting at $39.99.

Uniflame Heavy-Duty Bronze Lid

This lid features an ornate bronze finish and decorative handles. It comes in 34″ and 42″ sizes for $159.

Alta Steel Cage Fire Pit Cover

For large fire pits, this sturdy steel cage-style cover provides maximum ventilation starting at 99.99$ for a 34″ size.

Look for solid construction, quality materials like stainless steel or cast iron, and the right size range to suit your needs. And be sure to compare against any Solo Stove Bonfire models for the perfect match.

Key Things to Look for in Fire Pit Covers and Accessories

Beyond the basic lid, there are some other handy fire pit accessories that enhance safety, convenience, and aesthetics:

Consider Splash Guards

Attachingsplash guards around the interior rim prevents stray sparks and embers from escaping. This helps contain mess and reduces fire hazards.

Include Handles for Lifting

Built-in handles make removing and replacing lids much easier. Dual handles provide the best leverage and control.

Add Smoke Diverters or Vents

Chimneys and adjustable vents allow for oxygen flow to feed the fire and prevent dangerous smoke buildup.

Use Spark Screens and Grates

Mesh screens contain embers and sparks when burning openly. Grates lift wood up for airflow underneath.

Look for Tight Seal Ability

Some lids feature adjustable expanding screens or clever designs to fully seal out water and pests when closed.

Pick Wind and Weather Resistance

Lids that securely latch and made of non-porous materials prevent blow outs in wind and keep contents dry in rain or snow.

Choose Styles to Complement Décor

Beyond function, well-designed lids and accessories enhance the aesthetics of the entire patio or landscape.

By going beyond a simple flat lid and accessorizing, you can take your fire pit from basic to beautiful.

Shopping Tips for Getting the Best Fire Pit Lid Deal

Since fire pit lids range widely in terms of design, materials, quality and price, it pays to be a savvy shopper. Here are top tips for spotting the best bargains:

Take Precise Measurements

Carefully measure the diameter and depth of your Solo Stove Bonfire or other round fire pit. Avoid eyeballing sizes to get an accurate fit.

Factor in the Shape

Many fire pits are not perfect circles, but oval or with cutout portions. Measure across two axes for the best fit.

Consider Weight and Thickness

Heavier gauge metals provide the most durable weather protection and last for years. Don’t sacrifice quality just to save a few dollars upfront.

Compare Shipping Fees

Some retailers or Etsy vendors charge excessive shipping fees that can cancel out bargain prices for heavy lids. Calculate total delivered cost.

Search Second-hand Listings

Check Craigslist, Facebook Marketplace, and garage sales for quality used fire pit lids at a fraction of retail prices.

Sign Up for Retailer Email Lists

Many stores send special discounts and promotions exclusively to members of their email list. Sign up for deals.

Remember Clearance Timeframes

Fire pits, grills, and accessories often go on clearance in the fall season with new shipments arriving in spring.

Avoid Peak Season Price Hikes

If possible, make lid purchases in winter months when demand is lower than summer peak patio season.

With some savvy timing and research, you can uncover excellent deals on fire pit lids to protect your investment for years to come.

Final Thoughts

A proper-fitting fire pit lid is crucial for protecting your outdoor fire pit investment. While the Solo Stove bonfire doesn’t include one, you have many options from DIY lids to third-party brands that offer durable protection at a better value than the official Solo Stove accessory lid.

Be sure to measure carefully, compare materials and features, read reviews, and find sales when shopping around. With some smart searching, you can find the perfect solution to keep your bonfire safely covered from the elements.

Thanks for reading! I hope these tips give you a comprehensive overview of the bonfire lid landscape so you can make an informed purchasing decision. Let me know if you have any other questions as you shop for the perfect fire pit cover solution!

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