Lustre Craft Cookware Review: You Must Read Before Buy

Lustre Craft Cookware Review

Lustre Craft Cookware is a brand that has been around for decades, known for its high-quality stainless steel cookware. The company was founded in the 1940s and has been producing waterless cookware ever since. Lustre Craft Cookware is known for its durability, versatility, and ability to cook food without added oils or fats.

The most premium feature of Lustre Craft Cookware is its waterless cooking method. This method involves cooking food in its juices without adding water or oil. This not only preserves the natural flavor and nutrients of the food but also makes for healthier cooking. Lustre Craft Cookware is known for its even heat distribution, ensuring that food is cooked evenly and thoroughly.

Over the years, Lustre Craft Cookware has developed a loyal following among home cooks and professional chefs. Its reputation for quality and durability has made it a trusted brand in the cookware industry. Whether looking for a new set of pots and pans for your home kitchen or professional-grade cookware for your restaurant, Lustre Craft Cookware is worth considering.

History of Lustre Craft Cookware

history of lustre craft cookware

The cookware has a rich history that dates back to the early 1950s. Lifetime Cookware introduced the cookware line. It featured a unique combination of stainless steel and aluminum, resulting in a high-quality cookware line that was durable, long-lasting, and provided even heating.

Founding of Lustre Craft Cookware

It was founded by Lifetime Cookware in the early 1950s. The cookware line was designed to provide consumers with durable and long-lasting, high-quality cookware. The unique combination of stainless steel and aluminum used in the construction of the cookware provided even heating, making it an ideal choice for cooking various dishes.

Evolution of Lustre Craft Cookware

Over the years, Lustre Craft Cookware has continued to evolve and improve. The cookware line has undergone several changes, including new materials and technologies. Today, Lustre Craft Cookware is known for its high-quality construction, durability, and versatility.

The key feature of Lustre Craft Cookware is its waterless cooking technology. This unique cooking method allows food to be cooked without the need for added fats or oils, resulting in healthier, more flavorful dishes. Also, Lustre Craft Cookware is designed to be oven-safe, making it a versatile choice for various cooking needs.

Features and Benefits

Lustre Craft Cookware is a high-quality cookware brand with many features and benefits that make it a great investment for any home cook.

1. Durability

Lustre Craft Cookware is made from heavy-gauge aluminum, which ensures even heat distribution and prevents warping. This makes the cookware incredibly durable and able to withstand years of use without showing signs of wear and tear. Additionally, the cookware is oven safe up to 350°F (177°C), making it versatile and perfect for a range of cooking methods.

2. Non-Stick Coating

The cookware is free of toxic coatings or metals, making it a healthy and safe option for cooking. The waterless design allows you to cook healthy, flavorful meals with little to no added water or oil. This also means that the cookware is incredibly easy to clean, as food does not stick to the surface.

3. Versatility

Lustre Craft Cookware is incredibly versatile, making it a great investment for any home cook. The cookware can be used on various cooking surfaces, including gas, electric, and induction stovetops. The cookware is also dishwasher-safe, making it easy to clean and maintain.

Types of Lustre Craft Cookware

It offers a variety of high-quality cookware options that are designed to last a lifetime. Here are some of the types of cookware that are available from Lustre Craft:

Pots and Pans

lustre craft pots and pans

Lustre Craft offers a range of pots and pans perfect for cooking. Their stainless steel construction ensures even heating and durability. Some of the popular pots and pans include:

  • Lustre Craft 5-ply stainless steel skillet with no lid
  • Lustre Craft 10-inch skillet fry pan
  • Lustre Craft 8-inch small skillet fry saucepan with lid waterless cookware


lustre craft bakeware

Lustre Craft also offers a range of bakeware perfect for baking everything from cakes to bread. Their bakeware is made from heavy-duty stainless steel and is designed to last for years. Some of the popular bakeware options include:

  • Lustre Craft 9-inch round cake pan
  • Lustre Craft 9-inch square cake pan
  • Lustre Craft 13-inch pizza pan

Grill Pans

lustre craft grill pans

For those who love grilled food, Lustre Craft offers a range of grill pans that are perfect for indoor grilling. Their grill pans are made from heavy-duty stainless steel and are designed to give you the perfect grill marks every time. Some of the popular grill pans include:

  • Lustre Craft 12-inch square grill pan
  • Lustre Craft 10-inch round grill pan
  • Lustre Craft 9-inch square grill pan

Waterless Cooking with Kitchen Craft and Lustre Craft Cookware: A Step-by-Step Guide

waterless cooking with kitchen craft and lustre craft cookware

Waterless cooking is a method of cooking that allows you to cook food without adding any additional water or liquids. The idea behind waterless cooking is that the natural juices and moisture of the food will be enough to cook it through. Kitchen Craft and Lustre Craft cookware are two cookware brands designed specifically for waterless cooking. Here’s a step-by-step guide to waterless cooking with Kitchen Craft and Lustre Craft cookware:

  1. Preheat your cookware: Before cooking, preheat your Kitchen Craft or Lustre Craft cookware on medium heat for a few minutes. This will ensure that the cookware is evenly heated and ready to cook your food.
  2. Prepare your food: Cut your vegetables and meats into small, evenly-sized pieces. This will help them cook evenly and quickly.
  3. Place your food in the cookware: Once your cookware is preheated, add your food to the pot or pan. Be sure to distribute the food evenly throughout the cookware.
  4. Cover the cookware: Cover it with the lid, ensuring it fits tightly. The lid will help trap the natural juices and moisture from the food, which will be used to cook it.
  5. Cook on low heat: Set the heat to low and allow the food to cook slowly. Avoid opening the lid during cooking, as this will release the trapped moisture and heat.
  6. Check for doneness: After 10-15 minutes, check your food to see if it’s done. If the food is still undercooked, cover the cookware and continue cooking for another 5-10 minutes.
  7. Serve and enjoy: Turn off the heat and allow the cookware to cool for a few minutes once your food is cooked. Serve and enjoy your delicious, waterless meal!

How to Care for Lustre Craft Cookware?

Lustre Craft cookware is a high-quality stainless steel cookware designed to last a lifetime. With proper care and maintenance, you can keep your Lustre Craft cookware looking and performing great for years to come.

how to care for lustre craft cookware

Cleaning Tips

Cleaning your Lustre Craft cookware after each use is important to maintain its luster and prevent discoloration. Here are some cleaning tips:

  • Wash your cookware in warm, soapy water after each use.
  • Use a soft cloth or sponge to avoid scratching the surface.
  • Avoid using abrasive cleaners or steel wool, as they can scratch the cookware’s surface.
  • If you notice discoloration or stains on your cookware, use a non-abrasive cleaner such as Bar Keepers Friend to remove them.
  • Do not put your Lustre Craft cookware in the dishwasher, as this can damage the finish.

Maintenance Tips

Proper maintenance is essential to keep your Lustre Craft cookware in top condition. Here are some maintenance tips:

  • Avoid using high heat settings when cooking with your Lustre Craft cookware, as this can cause discoloration and damage to the cookware.
  • Use low to medium heat when cooking with your Lustre Craft cookware.
  • Avoid using metal utensils when cooking with your Lustre Craft cookware, as they can scratch the surface.
  • Use wooden, plastic, or silicone utensils instead.
  • If you notice any scratches or dents on your cookware, avoid using it until it has been repaired or replaced.

Why is Lustre Craft Cookware no longer available on Amazon?

why is lustre craft cookware no longer available on amazon

Lustre Craft Cookware has been a popular brand for many years but is no longer available on Amazon. There are a few reasons why this is the case.

Firstly, Lustre Craft Cookware has gone out of business. This means they are no longer producing new products, and any remaining stock is being sold off. This is why you may find some Lustre Craft Cookware products on other websites, but they are becoming increasingly rare.

Secondly, there have been some concerns about the safety of Lustre Craft Cookware. Some customers have reported that the cookware tends to warp and crack, which can lead to dangerous situations in the kitchen. Also, there have been reports of the cookware releasing harmful chemicals into food when heated to high temperatures.

Finally, many other cookware brands are available on Amazon that offer similar products to Lustre Craft Cookware. Customers have found high-quality cookware from other brands that are more affordable and safer.

Lustre Craft Cookware Warranty

Lustre Craft Cookware has a limited lifetime warranty covering defects in materials or workmanship. If the cookware fails due to these issues, the company will repair or replace the cookware free of charge. The warranty does not cover damage caused by misuse, accidents, or normal wear and tear.

Is Lustre Craft Cookware Still in Business?

Lustre Craft Cookware, a company that was once known for its high-quality cookware products, is unfortunately no longer in business. The company has a long history of producing durable and reliable cookware. Still, economic factors and changing consumer preferences ultimately led to its downfall.

Is Lustre Craft Cookware Oven Safe?

is lustre craft cookware oven safe

Lustre Craft Cookware is a well-known brand producing quality cookware for over 70 years. One of the most common questions people ask about Lustre Craft Cookware is whether it is oven safe.

The answer is yes, Lustre Craft Cookware is oven safe up to 350 degrees Fahrenheit (177 degrees Celsius). This means that you can use it to cook food in the oven without worrying about it being damaged by the heat.

Lustre Craft Cookware Customer Reviews

Lustre Craft Cookware has been a popular choice for many home cooks for decades. In this section, we will look at some of the customer reviews for Lustre Craft Cookware to see what people say about their product experiences.

Many customers have praised the quality and durability of Lustre Craft Cookware. One customer on Amazon wrote that “This cookware is built to last. I have had mine for over 10 years, and it still looks and cooks like new.” Another customer on YouTube mentioned that they have been using their Lustre Craft Cookware for over 20 years and have never had any issues with it.

Customers also appreciate the versatility of Lustre Craft Cookware. The ability to cook without oil or water is a significant selling point for many. One customer on Amazon wrote that “the waterless cooking feature is fantastic. It allows me to cook healthier meals without sacrificing flavor.” Another customer mentioned that “the multi-core construction of the cookware allows for even heat distribution, making it perfect for cooking a wide range of dishes.”

While many customers have had positive experiences with Lustre Craft Cookware, some have mentioned a few drawbacks. One customer on Amazon mentioned that the cookware is quite heavy, making it challenging to handle. Another customer mentioned that the cookware could be expensive, making it difficult for some people to afford it.


Lustre Craft Cookware has been a trusted brand for over 70 years, and good reason. Its unique waterless cooking technology, durable stainless steel construction, and lifetime warranty make it a standout choice for home cooks and professional chefs alike.

The cookware’s ability to create a seal that locks in moisture and flavor without the need for added oils or fats produces healthy and delicious meals with ease. Plus, its oven-safe and easy-to-clean design adds to its convenience. Overall, Lustre Craft Cookware is a smart investment for anyone looking for a reliable, high-quality option that will last years.

FAQs – Lustre Craft Cookware Review

Is Lustre Craft Cookware waterless?

Yes, Lustre Craft Cookware is waterless, which means it is designed to cook food without the need for water or oil. This cooking method is often referred to as “waterless cooking” or “healthy cooking.” The cookware is designed to retain the food’s natural moisture and nutrients, resulting in healthier and more flavorful meals.

What is Lustre Craft Cookware made of?

Lustre Craft Cookware is made of high-quality stainless steel. The cookware is designed to be durable and long-lasting and is resistant to scratches, stains, and rust. The cookware is also designed to distribute heat evenly, which helps to prevent hot spots and ensure that food is cooked evenly.

Is Lustre Craft Cookware dishwasher safe?

No, Lustre Craft Cookware is not dishwasher safe. The cookware should be washed by hand using warm, soapy water and a soft cloth. Dishwashers can damage the finish of the cookware and cause it to lose its shine and luster.

Can Lustre Craft Cookware be used on an induction cooktop?

The answer is yes, Lustre Craft Cookware can be used on an induction cooktop. The cookware is designed to work on all cooktops, including gas, electric, and induction. The cookware is also oven-safe up to 350°F.

How should Lustre Craft Cookware be stored?

Lustre Craft Cookware should be stored in a cool, dry place. The cookware should be stacked carefully to avoid scratching or damaging the surface. Keeping the cookware away from sharp objects and abrasive materials is also important.

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