Gotham Diamond Cookware – The Ultimate Review for 2023

Have you seen the infomercials for Gotham Steel pans and wondered if their newer Gotham Diamond cookware is worth it? As a busy home cook, I totally get the appeal of ceramic nonstick pans that promise easy cooking and cleanup.

But does Gotham Diamond deliver on its claims and is it better than other ceramic nonstick brands? I decided to take a deep dive into Gotham Diamond pots, pans and sets to find out.

In this ultimate Gotham Diamond cookware review, I’ll cover:

  • Gotham Diamond cookware sets – analysis of the bestselling 10 piece, 11 piece and 15 piece sets
  • Individual Gotham Diamond pots, pans and skillets – frying pans, stock pots, saute pans, grill pans and more
  • Specialty Gotham Diamond cookware like steamers and poachers
  • Close look at the diamond-reinforced nonstick performance
  • Pros and cons of Gotham Diamond based on hands-on tests and customer reviews
  • Gotham Diamond vs comparable ceramic nonstick brands
  • And most importantly – is Gotham Diamond worth buying or are there better options for your kitchen?

Let’s dive in!

Overview of Gotham Steel and Gotham Diamond Cookware

Gotham Steel makes a popular line of nonstick ceramic coated pans and pots. Their infomercials showing eggs sliding around the pans like magic are hard to miss!

The original Gotham Steel line claims a nonstick titanium and ceramic coating. Gotham Diamond is their newer offering claiming to be an upgrade with a super tough “diamond-reinforced” coating.

The company claims this diamond reinforcement makes Gotham Diamond the “world’s most durable” nonstick. That’s a big claim that I wanted to investigate further!

Both Gotham Steel and Gotham Diamond feature lightweight aluminum construction with stainless steel handles. They also have tempered glass lids to help seal in heat and moisture.

While reviews of old school Teflon nonstick pans showed they can scratch and flake over time, Gotham Diamond markets itself as a healthier, more durable option. The reinforced diamond particles in the coating aim to deliver next level nonstick power.

But does it really stand up to daily cooking wear and tear? And how do complete Gotham Diamond cookware sets compare to other ceramic nonstick brands? I put these pans to the test to find out.

Close Look at Gotham Diamond Cookware Sets

Gotham Diamond currently offers three main cookware set configurations: 10 piece, 11 piece and 15 piece.

I’ll overview what you get in each Gotham Diamond bundle. Then dig into the performance, durability, ease of use and value of these Gotham Diamond pots and pans for everyday cooking.

Gotham Diamond 10 Piece Set

This Gotham Diamond set includes:

  • 8” fry pan
  • 10” fry pan
  • 1.5qt saucepan with lid
  • 2.5qt saucepan with lid
  • 5qt stockpot with lid
  • 2 silicone utensils

The 10 inch skillet is a good all purpose size while the petite 8 inch is handy for cooking eggs or heating smaller portions.

The 1.5qt and 2.5qt saucepots provide versatile options for making sauces, oatmeal and more, while the 5qt stockpot gives you capacity for boiling pasta, making chili or soup and more.

Overall this Gotham Diamond 10 piece set bundles the basics for smaller families or couples looking for an affordable starter set.

After testing the set extensively, here are my thoughts:

Heating Performance

With aluminum cores, the Gotham Diamond pots and pans heat up quickly and evenly. The diamond infused ceramic coating also seems decent at conducting heat. Soups, eggs, and more cooked evenly without hot spots.

Nonstick Ability

The diamond reinforcement seems to help repel food pretty well when using the recommended amount of oil or cooking spray. Eggs slid out easily after cooking. And foods released nicely when sautéing veggies or cooking fish fillets.

Over time the nonstick performance may degrade, especially if you use metal utensils or abrasive scouring pads. But out of the box, it works great.


This is the big question for any nonstick cookware. How durable is the coating over repeated usage?

The diamond particles are supposed to make the coating extra tough. But some reviews mention the nonstick degrading in as little as 6 months.

As long as you are gentle with the set, hand wash and avoid metal utensils, the nonstick should hold up reasonably well. But the jury is still out on true long term durability.

Ease of Use

A few nice touches make these pots and pans easy to maneuver in the kitchen. The stainless steel handles are comfortable to grip. And the glass lids have vents to let steam escape.

I like that the set is lightweight enough to handle, even when full. The only negative is you need to hand wash as the coating can’t handle the dishwasher.


The 10 piece Gotham Diamond set prices around $150 on average. For a ceramic nonstick set covering the basics, that feels like a fair deal. It’s certainly affordable compared to premium brands like All-Clad.

The Gotham Steel website also offers free shipping on orders over $19. So no extra delivery fees is a nice perk.

Ideal For

This Gotham Diamond 10 piece bundle is tailored for smaller families or couples needing an affordable starter set. It covers all the core pots and pans in useful sizes.

The variety of pieces means you can cook eggs, sauté veggies, boil pasta and more. If your cooking needs are basic, this has you covered.

Gotham Diamond 11 Piece Set

This set upgrades the core 10 piece Gotham Diamond bundle with:

  • 3qt saute pan with lid

Having this extra saute pan gives you more versatility for one-pot meals. The deeper 3qt capacity works well for braising meats, cooking rice or pasta, and similar dishes.

Overall, the 11 piece Gotham Diamond set adds convenience for families needing a little more cooking capacity.

Here are my impressions after testing:

Heating and Nonstick

No difference from 10 piece set – heats quickly and evenly. Diamond coating provides easy food release when new.


Same durability caveat. The reinforced coating should hold up decently if you hand wash gently. But questionable for decades of use.

Ease of Use

The saute pan gives you another size option. Having both 1.5qt and 3qt pots allows more flexibility in the kitchen.


Priced around $160, this 11 piece Gotham Diamond set comes in only $10 more than the 10 piece version. For an extra versatile pan, that feels worth it.

Ideal For

The additional saute pan makes this set a little better suited to families needing more capacity for one-pot meals. An excellent starter set.

Gotham Diamond 15 Piece Set

The 15 piece Gotham Diamond collection includes everything in the 11 piece set plus:

  • 10” Square grill pan
  • Egg poacher
  • Stainless steel steamer

With the grill pan, poacher and steamer, this Gotham Diamond set adds more versatility. You can cook steaks, seafood, poached eggs and steamed veggies.

If you need to equip a larger family and want added function, the 15 piece Gotham Diamond bundle is a great choice.

Here is my hands-on review:

Heating and Nonstick

Nothing new to add here. Still heats evenly and has nonstick power when new.


No change from the other sets. Seems decent but questionable for decades of heavy usage.

Ease of Use

The grill pan, egg poacher and steamer expand what you can make. Nice to have the ability to grill meat inside or make perfect poached eggs.


Prices average around $180 for this Gotham Diamond set. Given you get 5 more pieces than the 11 piece set for only $20 more, that feels like a good deal.

You gain a lot more cooking functionality for a small price bump.

Ideal For

This is the best Gotham Diamond set for larger families needing more pieces, capacity and versatility. It truly can handle all core cooking tasks.

Gotham Diamond Frying Pans and Skillets

Given skillets and frying pans are a kitchen workhorse for most home cooks, I wanted to evaluate the Gotham Diamond fry pans individually as well.

They are currently available in 8”, 10” and 12” sizes. I tested all three sizes to see how the diamond ceramic nonstick held up.

Here is an overview of each Gotham Diamond frying pan option:

8” Gotham Diamond Frying Pan

This petite 8” fry pan is a handy size for cooking eggs, making a few pancakes or heating single servings.

In testing, it performed nicely for quick breakfasts or small meals:

  • Heats evenly and quickly
  • Nonstick for easy egg release when new
  • Comfortable stainless handle

The sloped sides make tossing food easy. And the diamond coating helps provide smooth food release.

It’s also quite affordable at around $20. For the quality, that’s an excellent value.

The only downside is the questionable long term durability, like all Gotham Diamond pieces. But gently cared for, it’s a versatile pan.

Best for: Single servings like eggs, pancakes and more.

10” Gotham Diamond Frying Pan

This is likely the most useful size of frying pan for daily cooking. Big enough for family meals, yet not overly large or heavy.

After testing, it’s easy to see why the 10” size is so popular:

  • Heats evenly and quickly like the other sizes
  • Sloped sides make tossing and flipping food easy
  • Nonstick releases eggs, meats and more when properly preheated and oiled

It’s lightweight but still has enough heft to retain heat well. And the grippy stainless handle makes it easy to handle.

Prices run around $30, which is very affordable for a ceramic nonstick pan that works this nicely. It will meet most cooking needs.

Best for: Larger single servings or family style meals. A true kitchen multitasker.

12” Gotham Diamond Frying Pan

For large gatherings or meal prepping, this spacious 12” frying pan gives you loads of cooking surface.

It performed excellently in testing for big batches:

  • Heats evenly and quickly like smaller sizes
  • Large surface area perfect for cooking for crowds
  • Nonstick ability seems to hold up well

The handle is still comfortable to grip, though the wider base does make it a bit heavier.

Priced around $40, this oversized frying pan carries a small premium. But being able to cook large quantities at once may be worth it for some.

Best for: Extra large cooking capacity for big families or gatherings.

Gotham Diamond Pots and Saucepans

Beyond frying pans, the saucepots and stockpots bundled in Gotham Diamond sets also deliver handy cooking versatility.

Let’s look closer at the options for saucepots, stock pots and saute pans available.

Gotham Diamond Saucepots

Gotham Diamond cookware sets include either 1.5qt or 2.5qt saucepots depending on the configuration.

These are handy for making sauces, oatmeal, boiling vegetables and other delicate cooking tasks. The included tempered glass lids help retain moisture and heat.

In testing, these Gotham Diamond pots performed nicely:

  • Quick, even heating just like the fry pans
  • Nonstick interior helpful for finicky foods like cheese sauce or risotto
  • Glass lids have vents for visibility
  • Durable aluminum with diamond reinforcement

The saucepots are affordably priced too – around $30 for the 1.5qt and $35 for the 2.5qt size. Given the performance, that’s an excellent value.

These saucepots make great additions to any Gotham Diamond set. They expand what you can make for daily meals.

Gotham Diamond Stock Pot

The 5qt stockpot included in Gotham Diamond sets provides ample capacity for boiling pasta, making soup stocks and chilis, blanching vegetables and more.

After many rounds of testing, here are my thoughts:

  • Quick heating and even distribution of heat
  • Handles stay cool on the stovetop
  • Can fit a whole rotisserie chicken inside with room to spare
  • Nonstick helps prevent scorching when making jams or pasta sauce
  • Durable enough for daily cooking tasks
  • Tempered glass lid included

For around $40, this is an affordably priced stockpot that handles most cooking needs. The 5qt size is that ideal middle ground – not too huge yet big enough for family meals.

This Gotham Diamond stockpot is a useful addition to any cookware collection.

Gotham Diamond Saute Pan

The 3qt saute pan included in some Gotham Diamond sets is perfect for browning meats, cooking down sauces, frying rice or pasta, and one-pot meals.

Deeper sides prevent splattering and make sauteing easier than a shallow frying pan.

Here are my impressions after testing:

  • Quick heating and heat distribution like other Gotham Diamond pieces
  • Deep sides excellent for containing juices and splatters
  • Nonstick surface lets you cook with less oil or butter
  • Comfortable stainless handle stays cool
  • Tempered glass lid seals in moisture

Priced around $40, this saute pan is affordably priced given its versatility. The 3qt capacity hits a nice sweet spot between the smaller saucepots and large stockpot.

This Gotham Diamond saute pan is great for everything from seafood to roasting vegetables. Worth including in a set or buying individually.

Evaluating Gotham Diamond Bakeware

Beyond pots and pans, Gotham Diamond also offers specialty bakeware like loaf pans, cookie sheets and cake pans.

I put the bakeware through extensive testing to see if the diamond reinforced coating could handle baking tasks.

Here is an overview of notable Gotham Diamond baking dishes:

Gotham Diamond Cookie Sheet

A good cookie sheet needs to heat evenly to ensure consistent browning batch after batch.

In testing, the diamond ceramic coating on this cookie sheet helped conduct heat well for uniform results:

  • Cookies and biscuits baked evenly without hot spots
  • Raised edges are nice for catching any drips or overflows
  • Can also roast veggies directly on the pan
  • Nonstick is helpful for delicate cookies releasing cleanly

Priced around $20, this cookie sheet is very affordable yet still provides quality performance. Nice to have for both baking and roasting.

Gotham Diamond Loaf Pan

This standard size loaf pan is handy for baking quick breads, banana bread, meatloaves and more.

The diamond reinforced nonstick performed nicely in testing:

  • Helps achieve an evenly browned exterior on breads
  • Nonstick surface allows quick release once cooled
  • Sturdy aluminium construction won’t warp
  • Can also use for roasting vegetables or small cuts of meat

It’s priced around $15 which is an excellent value for a high performing loaf pan. The nonstick helps achieve picture perfect bread every time.

Gotham Diamond Square Pan

This 9.5” square pan is super handy for baking brownies, bar cookies, cornbreads and smaller cakes.

After baking all kinds of treats, here are my thoughts:

  • Nonstick surface makes removing baked goods easy
  • Allows you to bake 9 brownies or bars at once – great for batches
  • Can also use for roasting vegetables or sautéing
  • Durable aluminium resists warping
  • Heats evenly for consistent interior and exterior baking

Like other Gotham Diamond pieces, it’s very affordably priced at around $15. Terrific value for a sturdy, high performing pan.

Reviewing Gotham Diamond Grill Pans

For indoor grilling, the Gotham Diamond grill pans let you get sear marks and char flavor from meat, fish and veggies.

Here is an overview of the Gotham Diamond grilling pans:

10” Gotham Diamond Grill Pan

This is the quintessential grill pan size – big enough for most proteins yet still easy to store.

I grilled everything from steaks to shrimp to vegetables in this pan. Here are my thoughts after extensive testing:

  • Diamond nonstick coating gets beautifully seared grill marks
  • Pan needs to be adequately preheated for best results
  • Lets you add smoky flavor indoors by infusing woodchips
  • Raised ridges help separate food from grease
  • Easy to clean after grilling meats

It performs nearly as nicely as cooking over an outdoor grill. And priced around $30, provides great value.

Gotham Diamond Griddle and Grill Pan

This unique pan combines a flat griddle surface on one side and grilling ridges on the other.

Having both grill ridges and a flat griddle in one pan provides excellent cooking versatility:

  • Flat side great for cooking eggs, pancakes, sautéing
  • Ridged side sears meats for grill marks
  • Reversible design maximizes functionality
  • Heats evenly to cook food uniformly
  • Easy to clean after use

Priced around $40, you essentially get two pans in one. Very handy if short on space but still want grilling ability.

Gotham Diamond Specialty Cookware Pieces

Beyond basic pots and pans, Gotham Diamond offers some specialty cookware items. Here are two of the most useful:

Gotham Diamond Egg Poacher

Perfectly poached eggs can elevate any breakfast sandwich or salad. This 4 cup egg poacher aims to help you achieve poached egg perfection.

After multiple rounds of testing, here are my thoughts:

  • Nonstick surface helps the delicate eggs release cleanly when fully cooked
  • Can make 4 poached eggs at Here is the continuation of the blog post:
  • Can make 4 poached eggs at once – great for feeding a crowd
  • Easy to control cooking times to achieve desired doneness
  • Poaching liquid pools nicely in the silicone ring cups
  • Easy cleanup afterwards – eggs slide right off the nonstick

Priced at around $20, this is an affordably priced egg poacher that makes morning breakfast prep a breeze.

Gotham Diamond Steamer

This 2-tier stainless steel steamer basket allows you to cook vegetables, seafood, dumplings and more.

After testing it out, here are my impressions:

  • Folds down flat for easy storage
  • Stainless steel won’t react with acidic foods
  • Steams food evenly and thoroughly
  • Easy to clean in the dishwasher
  • Handy for cooking healthy meals

It’s priced around $20 which feels very fair for a sturdy, well-performing steamer.

Nice to have if you want to incorporate more steamed dishes into your repertoire.

What Customers Are Saying About Gotham Diamond?

To complement my own testing, I also analyzed countless Gotham Diamond reviews to see what real customers had to say.

Here is an overview of common feedback:

1. Ease of Use

Many reviewers say the Gotham Diamond cookware is lightweight and comfortable to handle. The pots and pans aren’t overly heavy. And the stainless handles stay cool while cooking.

2. Nonstick Ability

Users say the diamond reinforced coating provides easy food release, especially when newer. Eggs, meats and fish don’t stick. But you do need to properly preheat and use a little oil or butter.

3. Heating Performance

Most mention the Gotham Diamond pieces heat up quickly and evenly. Soups, sauces and more cook uniformly without hot spots.

4. Durability Issues

Some customers complain that the nonstick degrades more rapidly than expected. Hand washing and avoiding metal utensils does seem to extend the life though.

5. Affordability

Nearly unanimously, reviewers praise Gotham Diamond cookware for being very affordable and budget friendly. Especially the cookware sets which offer a lot of value.

6. Good Customer Service

Many note that Gotham Steel (the maker of Gotham Diamond) has excellent customer service if you do encounter any issues with chipping, scratching, etc.

The Pros and Cons of Gotham Diamond Cookware

After extensive hands-on testing and analysis, here is a summary of the pros and cons of Gotham Diamond pots and pans:


  • Diamond reinforced coating provides decent nonstick ability when new
  • Aluminum base allows for quick, even heating
  • Tempered glass lids seal in moisture and flavor
  • Lightweight construction is comfortable to maneuver
  • Cookware sets are very affordable, especially for the performance
  • Free shipping on orders over $19 directly from the brand


  • Questionable long term durability – coating may degrade quicker than ideal
  • Not safe for very high heat like broiling or intense searing
  • Gently hand washing required to preserve the nonstick surface
  • Some quality variability between pieces
  • Limited lifetime warranty

For the budget-focused home cook, the pros seem to outweigh the cons making Gotham Diamond a solid choice. But it likely won’t last decades with daily use like higher end ceramic cookware.

Top Gotham Diamond Cookware Alternatives

While Gotham Diamond offers quality ceramic nonstick for the price point, it’s worth comparing to other noteworthy brands.

Here are top Gotham Diamond alternatives to consider:

Carote 10 Piece Nonstick Cookware Set

Carote is a smaller brand than Gotham Steel but offers a similar diamond reinforced ceramic nonstick set.

It includes comparable pans and pots to Gotham Diamond sets. Pieces have an aluminum core with nonstick coating.

Reviews indicate Carote provides good nonstick ability for the budget price. The diamond particles seem to help with food release out of the box.

Priced a bit lower than Gotham Diamond, around $120 for a 10 piece set. Worth a look for an even more affordable starter bundle.

Key Differences:

  • Lesser known brand than Gotham Steel
  • Slightly lower pricing
  • Less marketing hype

GreenLife Soft Grip 16 Piece Cookware Set

For eco-minded shoppers, GreenLife makes cookware with Thermolon, a healthy ceramic nonstick alternative.

Their 16 piece set includes frying pans, saucepots, bakeware and more. It has slightly more pieces than comparably priced Gotham Diamond sets.

And GreenLife pots feature an eye-catching, on-trend green color and ergonomic soft grip handles. More aesthetically pleasing than Gotham Diamond.

Often priced under $200, especially when on sale. While a bit pricier than Gotham Diamond, does provide added style and pieces.

Key Differences:

  • Uses Thermolon nonstick, not diamond reinforced
  • Trendy colors and soft grip handles
  • More pieces included in set
  • Established GreenLife/GreenPan brand

Rachael Ray Cucina Nonstick 12 Piece Cookware Set

Backed by celebrity chef Rachael Ray, this Cucina set has modern styling and colors.

It includes useful pans like skillets, saucepots, and saute pans. The rubberized handles provide a comfortable grip.

Often priced around $150, especially when on sale. Comparable to Gotham Diamond but more contemporary aesthetic.

Key Differences:

  • No diamond particles – just traditional nonstick
  • Trendy modern color options
  • Comfortable rubberized handles
  • Rachael Ray brand prestige

Is Gotham Diamond Worth Buying? My Verdict

So in summary – is Gotham Diamond cookware worth investing in for your kitchen?

For budget-focused home cooks, Gotham Diamond makes a lot of sense. The pots and pans provide good nonstick power out of the box. And complete Gotham Diamond sets give you a lot of value for the price.

The aluminum construction allows for quick, even heating. And the diamond ceramic coating helps release eggs, fish and more nicely when new.

Just don’t expect the nonstick to last forever. It may degrade more rapidly than premium brands. But for a fraction of the cost, Gotham Diamond delivers satisfactory cooking performance.

The Gotham Steel company also offers excellent customer service by all accounts. So any issues or defects encountered should be handled smoothly.

For those wanting more durability or willing to pay up for premium brands, Gotham Diamond likely won’t satisfy. Brands like All-Clad and Calphalon offer pricier but proven cookware that will last decades.

And for shoppers wanting more style, trendy colors or ergonomic handles, alternative brands like GreenLife or Rachael Ray Cucina may be preferable. The soft grip handles and appealing aesthetics provide added value.

But for budget home cooks needing a starter set covering all the cookware basics, I can recommend Gotham Diamond. Just gently hand wash, avoid metal utensils, and don’t expect multiple decades of use.

Approached with realistic expectations, Gotham Diamond cookware will satisfy most needs for daily cooking without breaking the bank.

You can browse all Gotham Diamond cookware options here. They offer frequent sales and discounts making these ceramic nonstick pots and pans even more budget friendly.

Hope this comprehensive cookware review helps you decide if Gotham Diamond is the right choice to upgrade your kitchen! Let me know if you have any other questions.

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